Tree Trimming

18 Dec

I had lunch yesterday with Alli, at our usual spot – Cootie Brown’s. When we can’t think of somewhere else to eat, which is quite often, we usually end up there. We both love the food, so it’s fine with me, although we do seem to have an awful hard time making up our minds to just end up back in the same restaurant. That’s my friends though – indecisive and leaving the choice up to me.

I’ve been over at Amanda’s house the last two nights. It’s nice to get out of the house for a change. Not that we’re hitting the town or anything, but escaping to a friend’s house is always a welcome change of scenery. I’m tired of just hanging out around my house, so even moving that laziness across town is nice. We’ve been watching movies and TV shows and just hanging out. She made a delicious potato and vegetable soup for us tonight. I do really love soup on these cold nights – we’ve had plenty of them! Last night we watched Shrek 4, which neither of us had seen yet. It was pretty cute – I haven’t seen a Shrek movie in forever, so I’d forgotten about all the little humor they sneak in there. That’s the great thing about animated movies these days – the creators realize that parents want to be entertained, too, while they’re having to take their kids out – so they put all these cheeky little comments and things in the background for adults that are really entertaining. Tonight Amanda introduced me to The Vampire Diaries. She’s been wanting me to start watching it forever, but I’m always kind of hesitant about vampire stuff. I just don’t get the whole bandwagon thing. I absolutely cannot handle anything Twilight. I told her I’d give it a try, because we need to have something else in common to keep us hanging out on a regular basis. We tend to have very different tastes in movies and TV shows, so I need to broaden my horizons a little bit. The show was pretty good – I guess I’ll keep watching to find out what happens. My curiosity is up more than anything, I guess. I’m still not the biggest vampire fan. I just don’t get this fascination with it.

Lately I’ve been watching all the Star Wars movies in order. I don’t have any of them, but got them all from Netflix. I’ve seen the most recent ones that came out – meaning the three prequels – numerous times. But somehow I’ve gone through my entire life never having seen the first three movies. I’ve seen the original Star Wars once or twice, but never Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi. I felt this was a sorry state to be in, so I’ve been fixing this gross error for the past few days. Thank goodness for Netflix – they have everything! I’ve wanted to have Trilogy Marathons for a while now – you know – Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Ocean’s Eleven. I’ll get there eventually.

We also finally put up our Christmas tree tonight! A little late, I know, but we usually wait this long. We had been waiting on my brother to come home from school so we could pick a tree out as a family, but he waited til really late in the day to even leave, so that plan was blown on Wednesday. Then we got massive amounts of ice on Thursday, which isn’t exactly ideal weather for picking out a tree. So finally last night it happened. We put it up, after searching for a good hour for the tree stand (I will note that it WAS my suggestion to find the tree stand BEFORE we left – but did my dad listen? Nope. Because that would have made sense…). Tonight it was finally decorated. We’ll keep it up through at least New Year’s. It’s a pretty tree – not as great as some we’ve gotten in the past, but still nice. I can’t believe it’s only a week til Christmas! This year has already flown by. I’m all finished with my Christmas shopping, and everything is wrapped and now under the tree. I don’t think I’ve ever been done this early before. I’m patting myself on the back right now.


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