Life as I Know It

16 Dec

Just a random update on the things that have been going on in my life lately. Other than my standard weekly lists, of course. I feel like not much has been going on – just cleaning, organizing, working on little projects that pop up here and there. Nothing really important or noteworthy, but things that make me feel accomplished. My room definitely looks great – and now I’m ready to move out into a place of my own!

In the midst of all this cleaning, I’ve found time for some great new recipes. I’m planning a tree of cupcakes for Christmas this year – I know they’ll be a big hit. I’m beginning to think I need to just open up my own bakery. Or cupcake shop. Either one I think would go great here. Something to think about…

I promise I’ll stop talking about cleaning now. It’s done anyway, so no need to ramble on about it any more here.

I’ve also been over to Nikki’s house a few times for Lost marathons. I was over there the other night and we ended up watching like 8 episodes in a row – it just got so interesting that we couldn’t stop! That show really is crazy.

My mom is home from school today for snow. It’s been frigidly cold the past week or so, and we’ve already had several snow delays and a couple of snow days. It’s crazy weather for this time of year! Usually it doesn’t get this cold til at least the middle of January, but it’s come early this year. It’s not much fun to go outside because the wind and cold just bite right through you – the only defense is to layer like crazy or just stay inside. We’ve been very lazy today – watching movies by the fire, working on my AmeriCorps paperwork, and other little things like that. I went to school with her the past two days to help out with her Christmas program the kids put on. I was running the music; she’s usually got her teaching partner there to direct most of it, while she helps, but this year she’s on maternity leave. So, I helped her out running the music and getting the kids to stay in one spot. The rehearsals were, well, not good. You know that scene in A Charlie Brown Christmas, when Charlie Brown is trying his hardest to get the kids to rehearse their lines, but all the want to do is beatnik dance to jazz music? It was like that. the kids had no focus and were oblivious to anything going on. I really had my doubts that anything would work out, but they really pulled it together at the last minute. It turned out all right in the end, but it really was a struggle getting there. I mean, it’s not like they were putting on Shakespeare or anything, but it was definitely rough.

James came home yesterday; he just barely missed all the snow. He got in pretty late, having left in the late afternoon. We had expected him home earlier, so we could go get our tree, but that didn’t work out. It’s always different, but nice, to have him home. At least he’s here to distract my parents for a while. He is a big fan of staying in his room playing video games while he’s here, and not much else. We’ll see how much of that happens. His girlfriend is supposed to be coming to stay sometime after Christmas. She’s never been up here before, so there’s been a lot of getting the house ready for company.

He came home just in time to get a taste of my chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, which of course he really liked. I mean, what guy doesn’t like something with peanut butter in it? I’d been promising the facilities guys at work for a while that I would make them something with peanut butter, and today I had the perfect reason. We had a potluck lunch for all the educators and staff as a thank-you for doing such a great job helping out with the Gala. Everyone brought some kind of lunch dish and they had a big feast. I say they, because of course I wasn’t there. But I did find the time to make peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes and take them down there for everyone. James got to benefit from that little experiment, as well. I basically used the chocolate recipe from last week, but altered it a little bit to include peanut butter. It turned out really well, and I’m not even such a fan of it.

Amanda also dropped by last night for a spontaneous movie night. She stays so busy with grad school that it’s really hard for us to get together anytime. Either she’s studying, at work, or babysitting/housesitting. Or out of town. Every time I talk to her, she’s got something else crazy going on in her life. It’s nice to hang out with her – she’s one of my few close friends still here. She also got to try out the cupcakes, and put her seal of approval on them. She made it home just in time to beat the ice.

I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping – just waiting on one or two more things to come in the mail. I have some things still here to wrap, and then once my packages come, I’ll be finished. I’m excited about the things I got for everyone this year. I finally, after weeks of racking my brain, found something for my dad. He’s so incredibly hard to buy for – it takes something really great for him. I finally thought of something, though. And I got a great deal on it, too. I ordered it online yesterday and have been waiting to go pick it up at the store. All the snow and ice made that a little difficult, though, so maybe tomorrow. I’m just ready to have our tree up, and put presents underneath! Then it will really feel like Christmas.


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