Ten Things Tuesday – December 14

14 Dec

Ten great gifts I’ve given, or why it is better to give than receive:

1. Personalized Rubik’s Cube. I made this for my high school boyfriend, who really loved Rubik’s Cubes and taught me how to solve them. I found this website where you could order a blank cube with stickers you could design yourself and put on it. I used several photos he had taken, some of his dogs, and the Brown logo, where he went to school. I highly doubt he uses it anymore, because there was a picture of us on there. But it really was an awesome present, and something totally unique. Definitely no one in the world has a Rubik’s cube like that.

2. LOST necklace from Etsy. Melody is obsessed with that show, and found a beautiful necklace on an Etsy shop inspired by the show. Her original plan was to find all the elements to recreate it, but after taking one look at it, I knew it couldn’t be done. Not with the level of sophistication and intricacy this girl had put into designing it. I’m a pretty decent jewelry-maker, and I’ve recently become a fan of the show, but I know there’s no way we could have recreated that necklace with the same quality as the original. So, I just secretly had it shipped to her house!

3. The entire collection of Andy Griffith DVDs. This was last year’s Christmas present to my mom. She loves the show and has already seen almost every episode. It’s been fun to go back and watch them all with her lately. She always likes it when she’s in a bad mood!

4. Brushes and art supplies for Andy’s graduation. What do you get a high school graduate that you met at Governor’s School and who’s heading to art school? A collection of nice brushes in a roll-up case, paint-removing soap, a collapsible water carrier, and his favorite candy.

5. Teapot and several different kinds of tea for Katie. This present was for her wedding. The teapot was on her registry, which doesn’t sound too exciting. But we bought several different kinds of tea for her and Nathan that really made it unique and special. And it just really fit us, too. Out of all the things on her registry, we chose the ones that were the most personal to us.

6. Morse Code necklaces. I made several of them for friends as Christmas presents this year. I found a gorgeous version online, and figured I could make something similar. Finding the beads to represent dots and dashes was fairly easy, and I had some pretty silk ribbon just waiting for a new project. I made one for myself first, to try it out. I liked it so well that I ended up making more as presents this year. So far I’ve made one for Amanda, Nikki, my brother’s girlfriend Lindsey, Katy, and my mom (shh – don’t tell!). I’m probably going to make one for Alli, as well. It’s something really special, because it’s your name but in a secret code almost. You have to look at it more than once to get what it really is.

7. Golden tickets for Melody and Grace. I printed out our Paul McCartney tickets on shiny gold paper, which took forever to find! – along with two of my pictures from the concert. I framed all of this and secretly sent it down to them. We had joked at the concert about how it was our magical golden ticket to be in the same room with Paul. And now we have the actual proof. I guess you could say this list was inspired by this gift, seeing as today is Melody’s birthday and she’s just now received her golden ticket.

8. Goat cheese sampler for Mari. We did Secret Santa almost every year for our friends at school, so we wouldn’t be buying tons of presents for everyone with no money. But one year – maybe sophomore – we didn’t do that, so we just bought little things for everyone and had a gift exchange. Laurann and I pooled our money together and bought Mari a set of goat cheeses from Williams-Sonoma. Or Dean and Deluca – I can’t remember which. Anyway, she loves goat cheese, so we bought her that set so she would have lots to try. I got to benefit from that gift a little as well…

9. John Mayer tickets for Amanda. The first time we ever saw him, he was right here in our measly little hometown. He was playing on a school night (shocker!) during our junior year of high school, which happened to be Amanda’s birthday. It was so much fun to be able to share our first John Mayer experience together as her birthday present.

10. Collage for my mom. My mom’s favorite piece from my senior art show was her Mother’s Day present that same year. After my show, my parents took home everything that didn’t sell, so I’d have plenty of room in my car when I moved out without having to worry about delicate frames and ceramics all over the place. I had him secretly get that piece out of my stash, and give it to her on Mother’s Day, which I wasn’t yet home for. She was really surprised, and of course loved it. It’s hanging in our foyer downstairs, where anyone who comes into the house can see it.


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