Night Owl

13 Dec

The past several nights I’ve had bouts with insomnia, with no explanation. It’s not like I’m working or anything during the day, so I don’t need to be up early in the morning for anything. Still, even lately when I’ve had to be up in the morning, I’ve had some issues getting to sleep of late. This typically isn’t an issue for me – unless I’m excited the night before something important – which doesn’t describe my recent life. I haven’t been able to figure out what the deal is, either, but I think I might have found the culprits. The first night of insomnia, I’m pretty sure it’s because I had been baking all evening. I made those amazing chocolate cupcakes that day, and of course spent a lot of time taste-testing my concoction. This, of course, meant ingesting a large amount of sugar. A perfect culprit for keeping you up half the night – a cupcake sugar rush. Good explanation for my problem.

The second reason that could possibly explain staying up half the night is that I’ve started taking vitamins recently. You wouldn’t think that vitamins have caffeine in them, but apparently they do. So it didn’t help that I was taking them right before going to bed, because that was the time I would most likely remember them. And we all know what happens when you take caffeine… yeah, it’s not exactly good for sleeping. With that discovery, I’ve started taking my vitamins in the morning with food. Since changing this, I have noticed some differences in how I sleep. It doesn’t take me nearly so long to get to sleep anymore – yeah, I still stay up incredibly late, but it’s much easier to drift off. Now if I can just start my baking earlier in the day…


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