Another Time, Another Place

2 Dec

It’s funny the sequence of events that make up a life. Are they random, or is there some sort of pattern planned out to them? Both religion and science suggest that there is an order to the universe, and things don’t just happen out of thin air. The chances of life happening exactly the way it does, without help from some higher power or grand design, are very, very slim. Next to nothing, really. We’re not given much time, in the overall scheme of things. The events – trivial and important – that make up a person’s life are interesting. Interesting in the order they happen, and how they influence the events to come.

The people who come and go into your life – and the ones that stay – are interesting, as well. Recently my mom and I were talking about relationships and how, if you’d met a person in a different point in your life, you might have ended up with them instead of someone else. My brother has been dating a girl down at school for a few months, which has been a hot topic of conversation in my house. Honestly, I think she’s putting too much pressure on the two of them, and making it into a bigger deal than it might be. If it works out, it works out. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. But besides that, we’ve been having conversations recently about relationships and when you meet people in life. It’s true that you can’t help when or where you meet someone. People come and go out of your life all the time. The ones that stick around, I think, are the ones that are really worth keeping.

But what if you could go back and change the time or place you met someone? Or delay that meeting until later in your life? How would that change the person you are today? Imagine that you married someone you’d known for a long time, and were very happy with each other. Now imagine you ran into a long-lost love. Maybe it ended bitterly. Maybe you just lost touch. Or maybe you loved from afar, and never got the chance to realize it. Of course, cheating on your spouse is wrong, so despite running into this person from your past, you couldn’t do anything about it. But imagine if you were unattached and ran into that person again. Maybe the first go-round wasn’t meant to be, but maybe this time it will be perfect. Who knows.

You’ve got to learn to pay attention to Fate. Otherwise, you’ll miss important moments in your life. Things that, at first glance, might not seem so important. But you never know when or where someone new will come into your life, when someone will leave, or when someone will come back. You can’t predict the future, so you always have to be prepared for something like this to happen.

It makes me think about the things in my life I would do over. Or maybe not do at all. I don’t have too many regrets, as they go. But like anyone, I do wish I had some do-overs. Maybe people that aren’t in my life anymore would still be here. Maybe I wouldn’t have met some of them yet. And for one in particular, it could have been a second-chance thing.

There’s no way of knowing, though. And that’s life.


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