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29 Nov

Today was my last official outreach of the year. I had to be up bright and early – well, it was early, but not bright – to leave at 7:00 and drive down to the schools. It was a good hour and twenty-minute drive, so I had to leave quite early. I’m glad the day is over, because it’s already been long. You know you’ve gotten out of bed way too early when you think 1:45 in the afternoon is a long day.

I’ve also discovered that, for the entire month of December, I only have to work 3 and half hours. For the month. I could have just stayed later this afternoon and finished it up, but then I wouldn’t have reason to go back for four weeks. Instead, I’m spreading out these last few hours to just attend staff meetings, so I’m not just completely out of the loop. I’m mostly just going to spend the last bit of the year wrapping things up, getting ready to start the next year. This is why I have all this free time on my hands to clean and organize my room. It’s almost like last summer, when I wasn’t working, that I had all this time on my hands. Except I’m still getting paid, and I have a plan for how to fill the hours. It’s nice to have some time off – I’m going to enjoy it very much.


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