Memory Lane

28 Nov

I found this little gem while cleaning out my room today. I finally got rid of all those old notebooks that I thought would be useful in the future. And while good for a laugh, my intelligence and education have both moved on past those times. But at least I was able to salvage this from the recycling. Pretty sure this came from 10th grade English:

I can’t write a poem because…

I don’t want to
I am not creative
I am too tired
My brother would want to read it
I hurt my finger and it is hard to write
My socks do not match
I hate poetry
Someone else did it better
Good poetry ony comes from being depressed, and I am not depressed
Phillip Dunham is sitting next to me
Whitney Broome is funnier
Kelly McDonald is deeper
I hate my handwriting
I have an ache in my head
Everyone wants to read them
I need an excuse to write one
My favorite shirt is dirty
I want to take a bubble bath
I don’t have enough emotion to write
I don’t think I can
Those eyes in that cloud painting are watching
I can’t copy someone else’s poem
I don’t know how to write a good poem
I didn’t have any breakfast
I don’t have any insppiration
My brother is annoying

I can’t write poetry because…well, maybe I can.


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