Turkey Coma

27 Nov

Hope you all had  great Thanksgiving. Ours was nice – fairly laid-back and drama-free, as family get-togethers go. I worked all day yesterday, as an extra set of hands from the management staff just in case anything went wrong. We were so busy yesterday, with kids being out of school and parents being off work. It was definitely good for business, but made getting any of my work done quite difficult – it was so noisy and people were everywhere!  I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, with the occasional shopping trip.

I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping for the year – I’m really getting a head start this year. I didn’t venture out into Black Friday shopping yesterday morning, although I did make a quick trip later last night. I’m not too concerned about getting up at 2 a.m. just to fight extreme crowds for bargains. I like a sale as much as the next girl, but not that much. So, I’m doing my shopping in bits and pieces, avoiding the major crowds of rednecks come down from the mountains to the “big city.” Scary, isn’t it, to think of this as the big city? It’s true, though. You get those crazy mountain people who magically emerge from the hills to do their shopping, and seriously most of them don’t know how to behave in public (nor do they know how to drive). It sounds harsh, but those stereotypes are true.

Anyway, I’m doing my best to avoid them as long as possible. I’m going over to Nikki’s later this afternoon for some more Lost-watching. James is leaving here in a few minutes, headed back to school. It’s been nice to have him home for a bit. At least some of my family’s attention is taken away from me and given to him! It will definitely be quiet around the house without him here. But he’ll be back in a few weeks for Christmas break, which will be fun. His girlfriend is supposed to be visiting for a few days sometime after Christmas, which will be fun. I’ll have to clean out that spare room, though, if she’s going to have anywhere to sleep. That’s next on my list of cleaning. I don’t know where all this commitment is coming from – maybe knowing I have lots of free time to fill. Anyway, my room will be sparkling and clutter-free very soon.


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