Stuff I Want Wednesday

24 Nov

In case you’re not American or live under a rock, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We’re having family over for dinner, which means getting the house ready for guests and cooking lots of delicious food. Today’s list isn’t exactly Thanksgiving-themed, but rather holiday entertaining. Or maybe just entertaining. Anyway, here are some fun things I’d love to use while entertaining.

This lovely vase from the MoMA store is modern and unique. I think it looks great with just a few small blooms in it, or with a whole arrangement of flowers. Definitely something special to put on your table.

Tube Vase

These are definitely getting bought and used for my wedding one day. How cool are they? Champagne is great on its own, but a sleek glass like this just screams elegance and creativity.

Inside Out Champagne Glasses

I think you should always have some kind of game or puzzle or something entertaining for guests to do. Not always a board game (although those are fun and handy to have around), but something interesting that will get guests interacting with each other. This cube puzzle will do just that, I think, as guests try to create many different patterns out of the endless designs.

Motif Cube

I used to think that I liked things very matchy-matchy, but now I’m more a fan of variety and things that “go.” These glasses definitely do that – you can tell they’re all a set, but they’re distinct enough that you know right away which one is yours. And they’re really fun, too.

Distinct Patterned Glasses

My family loves deviled eggs. They’re always the thing that get snatched up faster than anything at family dinners. This colorful egg tray that looks just like an artist’s palette would be put to good use in my life.

Egg Tray

What could be more fun to mix up your favorite dishes and then use these bowls for serving? Double duty, half the mess, less cleanup. Done.

Confetti Mixing Bowls

Can you think of a better way to display your favorite photos of friends and parties for your guests? I can’t.

Snap Photo Frames


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