22 Nov

I’ve spent the entire day cleaning in my room again, but this time with a little more specific task at hand. I found these old bags and folders full of pictures, brochures, maps, ticket stubs, and random keepsakes from my travels. They go all the way back to 8th grade, when my mom, brother and I went to DC for the first time. It includes our Girl Scout trip to Savannah, my trip to Hawaii, two trips to Europe, and one to New York. Needless to say, these keepsakes needed a proper place to stay. So I ventured out to Michael’s this morning for my very first experience related to scrapbooking. I wouldn’t say I was putting together a scrapbook in the sense we think of it today – with fancy papers, stickers, letterpress, embossing, ribbons, buttons, etc. Not that fancy over-the-top-stay-at-home-mom stuff. Just simple white pages to put my pictures and ticket stubs and other such things on. I picked up two books – one for all the certificates and letters from my Gold Award, and one for my travels. The traveling one, let’s just say, is enormous. Way bigger than I intended. And this project took the entire day, too, even in the simplest of executions.

I also finally framed my high school diploma and my Converse diploma. It’s about time, too – it’s been five and almost two years, respectively. I think that’s enough time to go by before you frame something, right? Not that I’ve put them up on my walls yet, but at least they’re out of their little folders and into a frame.

In the midst of all this, I somehow managed to squeeze in some Lost-watching with Nikki yesterday. We’ve started season 4, and it’s getting even crazier. I can’t imagine what it was like to wait a week between each episode, and then an entire summer between seasons. That’s what cliffhangers are for… We’re having another watching party tomorrow, in the afternoon, because we’re both off work. Can’t wait to get this thing finished up and have all my questions answered!


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