Head Start

20 Nov

You’d think that having so much extra time off work would leave more time for catching up on missed blogging, right? Well, not if you’ve decided to take on the task of cleaning your room, from top to bottom. I’m getting rid of all the old stuff that I really don’t need anymore. This is quite difficult, because I am a notorious packrat. Not a hoarder – not yet, anyway. But still, there is quite a bit of stuff lying around my room or shoved in boxes in the garage that, if I’m quite honest with myself, doesn’t need to stick around. Some things are hard to get rid of because they hold so many memories for me, but really, I don’t need to keep them. So the things that make the cut should feel lucky to stay.

In my mind, I’ve already moved out of the house next fall and into an apartment or somewhere for grad school. Of course this mentality is ridiculous, because I’m still at least six months away from this. And it’s not even a done deal yet. But anyway, I kind of feel like I have to get rid of all this stuff in my life because it’s not going to be useful or important. Like, do I really need 25 sets of Mardi Gras beads? Probably not. A few, but not that many. Besides, where am I going to put all this stuff when I have my own place? I don’t want to have random boxes shoved in corners and piled up, taking up precious space. I don’t think I need a ton of space, but I don’t want that small space to be cluttered, either. So I’m de-cluttering my life, in preparation for moving within the next year. You could even say I’m getting a head start on my spring cleaning. But I figure, why not, while I’m not working so much. I might as well do something with all that free time during the day – why not clean everything out?


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