Half Day

15 Nov

Working half a day definitely has its advantages. I had to get up very early and drive to Blountville to do a sheep heart dissection with a group of homeschooled kids, which admittedly I wasn’t looking forward to. I’m not the biggest fan of doing dissections, because it’s smelly and gross and just downright weird. The kids, of course, always excited and nervous about it, which makes it fun. It turned out to be a much better morning that I anticipated, although I feel like I’m covered in the stench of preservative juices. Lovely image, right?

Well, because I got up so early, and only have so many hours left to work for the year, I left the Museum at 12:30, got a quick lunch at McAlister’s, and headed home. I’m currently sitting around the house in my pajamas. I am being productive, though – I’ve started the arduous process of cleaning out my closet. I divided it up into three sections – the top, which is full of random stuff, the middle, which of course jam-packed with clothes, and the bottom, which is entirely consumed by shoes. I’ve started today with the shoes. As much as I hate to get rid of any of them, there are some that just need to go – big chunky ones that really aren’t flattering, old hiking shoes that aren’t being used, etc. Sometimes change is good, even if it is hard to get rid of the things you have.

After finishing the closet, I have in mind to work on some jewelry. I have some new beads I’m dying to try out, and some fresh inspiration to work with. I have The Office playing in the background, so I’m all set for the afternoon.


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