Any Given Saturday

14 Nov

Amanda called and woke me up at 8:30 yesterday morning. I would have rolled over and ignored it, but I knew she had a rough day on Friday, and was also potentially calling me about weekend plans. I turned out to be right about that, so the phone call was definitely worth waking up for. She called wanting to drive down to Knoxville to scalp tickets on the street for the UT/Ole Miss game. We’d had plans to get tickets from a friend of hers, but that never panned out. So she woke up really early Saturday, thinking it was a school day, and still thinking about those tickets. I’m glad she called me, because we both just hopped out of bed, got dressed, and drove down for the game. There are always people selling tickets on the streets – you can usually negotiate some fairly cheap ones. We got really lucky with our seats – right in the corner of the endzone on the Mississippi side, about 30 rows back, right on the aisle. Excellent view of the field, the fans, and the jumbo-tron. It was warm and very sunny – I even got a little sunburned from it. You know me and my paper-thin skin and awful tanning record…

We only paid $30 for our seats, a significant discount from face value. That’s the beauty of college football – there are always people looking to sell tickets, and plenty of people on the street wanting some. The game ended up being really great – something like 52-14 or something. Really a blowout, and not at all expected. I’m not especially a UT fan – I’ve got to support my brother at South Carolina and the perpetually exciting and stress-inducing LSU. But today I was a UT fan, even though I don’t own a single orange thing. Traitor, I know. But at least the game was fun. I just love college football – there’s nothing else like it. The thrill of cheering for your team, all the exciting and gutsy moves, the adrenaline, the band. Nothing compares. I don’t know when I got so into it – I’ve always loved it, but this last year or so really gotten invested in it. I don’t know what happens to them when they get to the NFL, but it’s just not the same.

And an even more exciting turn of events – South Carolina stomped Florida to win the SEC East! They haven’t done that in many, many years. And they’re going to the SEC championship game in Atlanta. I’d love to go see that.

I’m starting work fewer hours at the Museum each week, because I don’t have that many left. I’m down to about 60 for the rest of the month of November and December. Combined. That’s not much at all. So it’s going to be much more sporadic that I’m working, pretty much only to staff currently scheduled programs. It’s nice to have some extra time off, although I don’t know what I’m going to do to occupy myself. I’ll still be getting paid through the end of the year, which is nice. I’ll just need activities to fill my days, to avoid that incredible boredom I suffered last summer when I wasn’t working. I have started the massive project of cleaning out my room, top to bottom, every drawer and box and corner. In my mind, I’m already moving out again, and this is just the first step in that process. I really want to purge my life of the things I don’t need or want anymore. It’s difficult, because I’m terribly nostalgic and a notorious pack rat, making gettin rid of anything a challenge. But I have to be honest with myself about how much stuff I need and how I want my future home to look. I need to get rid of the things that really aren’t going to be useful anymore, and that won’t be fun to pack up and move here in about a year. My goal is to tackle on thing at a time – my dresser, my closet, under my bed, the spare room where I store all my art supplies – and go through everything. I’ve already made considerable progress on this, even if it is just little places here and there. If I spread this job out over several months, I won’t have a constantly-cluttered room, and I’ll be able to actually see what I have and what I need to get rid of.

Other than my spontaneous football game yesteray, life hasn’t been too interesting lately. Mostly working, working, working, as usual. My mom and I went to yoga the other night, for the first time in quite a while. We keep saying we need to get back into the habit of going to the gym, but haven’t actually done it yet. Maybe this coming week…

Another habit I’m getting back into is going to Nikki’s for Lost marathons. We haven’t watched it in at least a month, because we’ve both been busy and out of town. We’re about halfway through season 3, the midpoint of the series. I can’t exactly remember everything that happened, but I’m dying to find out what’s going to happen next! It will be nice to have these plans again and feel like I have a social life outside of work.


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