Stuff I Want Wednesday

3 Nov

I have a little secret. I LOVE to look at SkyMall magazines when I’m flying. Most of the stuff in there you see and are like, “Really? This exists? Who needs that?” But sometimes you can find some great gift ideas in there. Granted, they’ll probably break within 5 minutes, but it’s the thought that counts. I’ve already found a couple of things I’m considering giving as Christmas presents. Here are a few of my favorite finds from the SkyMall catalog:

The world’s largest crossword puzzle. Just perfect to hang in a game room, don’t you think? Interactive and decorative.

World’s Largest Crossword Puzzle

For the serious international traveler, they have this 150-country travel adapter that instantly adapts to fit into electrical outlets in pretty much anywhere you want to go. Obviously not for everyday use, but still quite handy to have around for when you do your round-the-world trip.

150 Country Travel Adapter

This cool little nightstand. You don’t just have to put books on it, but for someone like me, who’s constantly got a stack of books begging to be opened, this is perfect. Also great for those magazines that always seem to be piling up without a good home. I need one of these handy…

Book Nightstand

I mean really. Who doesn’t love a good Belgian waffle? I’m sure you could find a more practical, cheaper one somewhere else. But you have to admit that the kind you flip are just a lot more fun.

Belgian Waffle Maker

This handy fold-out bed is actually an ottoman when folded up. How clever is that? It’s got to be way more comfortable than a fold-out couch. And yeah, it’s only twin-sized, but that makes it perfect for spontaneous houseguests!

Ottoman Bed

This gorgeous stained-glass firescreen would look so inviting with a fire going behind it. It would really add some pops of color to a room. I love a little art deco touch anywhere you can get it.

Stained Glass Firescreen

These pretty recycled wine bottle glasses are really fun. Definitely a great gift for the wine enthusiast in your life. Or anyone who appreciates good design, recycling, and mismatching glassware. I for sure need these in my life.

Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses

Also for the wine lover in your life, there are these great shadowbox-type things where you can store your wine cork collection. What, you don’t have a wine cork collection? You should get on that. Then you can make a pretty wall display to put in your kitchen or dining room.

Cork Board


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