Ten Things Tuesday – November 2

2 Nov

Ten packing/traveling tips to get you on the road or through airport security quickly.

1. Keep travel-sized versions of toiletries around in a travel bag. Things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, shaving cream, contact solution, etc. Having them handy makes it easy to throw them in your bag without worrying about leaving something behind. Store a couple of those quart-sized Ziploc bags with your little travel bag in case you’re not checking luggage. Airport security requires you to put all your liquids in those plastic bags. Also think about buying a rollerball or travel-sized version of your favorite perfume. You won’t risk breaking the bottle or having it confiscated.

2. Pack clothing that all goes together. A pair of jeans, maybe one other pair of pants, a skirt, a dress, and a couple of shirts are all you need. Include a jcaket or two. Layering is your best friend when traveling, because of changing weather. If you stick to easy cotton fabrics in similar tones (blues and neutrals always work), you’ll be able to mix and match your clothing easily.

3. Unless you’re going somewhere super-fancy, you don’t need to bring chunky heels with you. Two pairs of versatile and comfortable ballet flats will work with everything. Boots are always good for walking (otherwise there wouldn’t be that song). It’s best to wear those in the airport, so they won’t take up so much room in your bag. Find a pair that are easy to get on and off when you go through security.

4. Remember when I said layering is your best friend when traveling? A warm scarf helps with this. Youcan use it as a wrap on a cold plane, wrap around your head, and even add a bit of color to your wardrobe. Never underestimate the power of the scarf.

5. Have all your travel documents close at hand when going through security. Somewhere that you can zip them up for protection, but close enough at hand that you can just whip them out. Have enough room for your driver’s license and passport, boarding pass, and a little bit of cash.

6. Of course, bring a book for plane rides and long layovers. If you have one of those Kindle or Nook things, those are fine, too, but nothing compares to a crisp paperback. Not only that, there are several points during flight when you have to turn off electronic devices. Books never have to be turned off!

7. Underwear rule of thumb: at least three extra pairs. You just never know what’s going to happen.

8. Roll your socks and underwear up inside your shoes. That wasted space is quite handy for storing and organizing smaller items. It saves you space for all those great souvenirs you’re going to pick up!

9. When you get to your destination, unpack your suitcase as if you were really living in your hotel. (If you’re staying with friends, this isn’t always possible). Making your hotel room feel like home makes it much more inviting after a long day of sightseeing. It’s the little things – hang your longer clothes to air and unwrinkle, put your books and phone charger by the bed, etc. It just makes you feel more comfortable.

10. Just like the care you took to pack your suitcase when you left, take that time on your way back. Chances are, you’ve acquired souvenirs and shopping from your trip, meaning your suitcase is a lot more full on the return. Taking the time to repack will ensure you don’t forget anything and that it all fits back into the bag.


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