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Ten Things Tuesday – November 30

30 Nov

Ten random things I’ve found while ceaning my room:

1. Prom coursage. I don’t know why I’m still hanging on to it. It’s all dried up and crumpled, but still in good condition. It still has most of its yellow color, but of course looks very different than my prom more than five years ago. Why do I still have it? Memories. It’s hard to get rid of sentimental things.

2. My first driver’s license. Again, I don’t know why it’s necessary for me to still have this, other than the fact that it’s a nice picture of me and reminds me of a time when I was nervous to drive with cars in the lane opposite mine. Maybe it will be part of an art project someday. Minus the personal information, of course.

3. Huge stack of research from my senior thesis papers. I had to do two senior papers my last year of college (thankfully in different semesters, otherwise I would have gone completely crazy). I ordered many books from interlibrary loan and copied hundreds of pages of relevant (and not-so-relevant) information. Despite the fact that I still have hard and electronic copies of both these papers, I found it necessary to keep all my research. Probably several hundred, close to a thousand pages worth of copied books. It’s a massive pile of papers that really needs to be recycled. And it’s finally leaving my room.

4. Old trophies. I’m sure most of us have old trophies and awards lying around the house. You don’t really know what to do with them, but you don’t want to get rid of them. Old soccer trophies, high school awards, random plaques. They don’t exactly look good on display (I mean, it’s not an Oscar or anything), but throwing them away seems wrong, too. I have mine in a plastic box, wrapped up in tissue. I didn’t even bother going through the box, because there’s no point. I’d end up putting them right back in and shoving them under the bed.

5. Yarmulke. When my mom went back to school for her Master’s in teaching, she made friends with a woman who is Jewish. They got to be pretty good friends, and she invited us to her daughter’s bat mitzvah. Neither of us had been to anything like that at all, so of course we wre curious about going. It was part of their holy day, on Saturday, so it’s like we went to their worship service, too. The whole thing was really cool, and we got yarmulkes as favors. Of course I have no use for this, but it’s a good reminder of something you don’t get to witness every day.

6. Money. Not just random dimes or pennies here and there. We’re talking a collection of Euros ranging from 1 cent coins to 2 Euro coins, and several bills as well. Then I found just as many British pounds sterling, probably every coin they mint. Several random Canadian coins, one peso, 2 silver and one gold US dollars, one 1/2 dollar, one Susan B. Anthony and Eisenhower dollar, and some unidentified coin with what looks like Korean writing on it. Maybe it’s Japanese. I can’t read either of those languages. All totaled, I found €22,36, £3,91, 26 cents Canadian, as well as the random coins mentioned above.

7. Old notes from middle school. Out of everything I’ve found (with maybe the exception of some pictures from this same time period) these have probably been the most entertaining find. I have no idea why I kept these – maybe I knew subconsciously that I’d get a good laugh over them someday. Whatever the case, I kept quite a few of the many, many notes I received from friends between 6th and 8th grade. And we’re talking the fancy decorated ones – with elaborately drawn names and designs in marker and gel pen. And folded so intricately you’ll never get them folded back again once they’ve been opened. I kept one or two, to show friends later who I know will get a good laugh out of it.

8. Wristbands. Probably leftover from concerts, youth conferences, amusement parks, and random places that all require such identification for entry. I think I’ve only kept one or two that I know exactly where they came from, but other than that they’re all gone now, because I cannot for the life of me remember what they’re from.

9. Photo keychain from Dollywood. If it weren’t in a plastic cover, I would scan the picture and post it here. Take my word for it that it’s hilarious. It’s of me, Amanda, and my ex-boyfriend Baird on one of the roller coasters, at the point where you’re going down a big drop. We rode it several times and figured out at what point our picture was taken, so we rode it with the specific intention of getting a crazy picture. I’m sitting in front of the two of them, in a seat by myself, gripping the handle as though I’m going to fall out, eyes shut and screaming my head off. Amanda is right behind me, laughing hysterically with her hair flying backwards (it looks like it’s hitting the kid behind her in the face). Baird is beside her, eyes and mouth wide open screaming. This was both purely intentional and accidental. It’s so, so funny. Words don’t do it justice.

10. Rosie the Riveter action figure. Complete with working-girl’s lunch pail and some kind of rivet gun. Or something. She inspires me to kick butt every day.


Open Calendar

29 Nov

Today was my last official outreach of the year. I had to be up bright and early – well, it was early, but not bright – to leave at 7:00 and drive down to the schools. It was a good hour and twenty-minute drive, so I had to leave quite early. I’m glad the day is over, because it’s already been long. You know you’ve gotten out of bed way too early when you think 1:45 in the afternoon is a long day.

I’ve also discovered that, for the entire month of December, I only have to work 3 and half hours. For the month. I could have just stayed later this afternoon and finished it up, but then I wouldn’t have reason to go back for four weeks. Instead, I’m spreading out these last few hours to just attend staff meetings, so I’m not just completely out of the loop. I’m mostly just going to spend the last bit of the year wrapping things up, getting ready to start the next year. This is why I have all this free time on my hands to clean and organize my room. It’s almost like last summer, when I wasn’t working, that I had all this time on my hands. Except I’m still getting paid, and I have a plan for how to fill the hours. It’s nice to have some time off – I’m going to enjoy it very much.

Memory Lane

28 Nov

I found this little gem while cleaning out my room today. I finally got rid of all those old notebooks that I thought would be useful in the future. And while good for a laugh, my intelligence and education have both moved on past those times. But at least I was able to salvage this from the recycling. Pretty sure this came from 10th grade English:

I can’t write a poem because…

I don’t want to
I am not creative
I am too tired
My brother would want to read it
I hurt my finger and it is hard to write
My socks do not match
I hate poetry
Someone else did it better
Good poetry ony comes from being depressed, and I am not depressed
Phillip Dunham is sitting next to me
Whitney Broome is funnier
Kelly McDonald is deeper
I hate my handwriting
I have an ache in my head
Everyone wants to read them
I need an excuse to write one
My favorite shirt is dirty
I want to take a bubble bath
I don’t have enough emotion to write
I don’t think I can
Those eyes in that cloud painting are watching
I can’t copy someone else’s poem
I don’t know how to write a good poem
I didn’t have any breakfast
I don’t have any insppiration
My brother is annoying

I can’t write poetry because…well, maybe I can.

Turkey Coma

27 Nov

Hope you all had  great Thanksgiving. Ours was nice – fairly laid-back and drama-free, as family get-togethers go. I worked all day yesterday, as an extra set of hands from the management staff just in case anything went wrong. We were so busy yesterday, with kids being out of school and parents being off work. It was definitely good for business, but made getting any of my work done quite difficult – it was so noisy and people were everywhere!  I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, with the occasional shopping trip.

I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping for the year – I’m really getting a head start this year. I didn’t venture out into Black Friday shopping yesterday morning, although I did make a quick trip later last night. I’m not too concerned about getting up at 2 a.m. just to fight extreme crowds for bargains. I like a sale as much as the next girl, but not that much. So, I’m doing my shopping in bits and pieces, avoiding the major crowds of rednecks come down from the mountains to the “big city.” Scary, isn’t it, to think of this as the big city? It’s true, though. You get those crazy mountain people who magically emerge from the hills to do their shopping, and seriously most of them don’t know how to behave in public (nor do they know how to drive). It sounds harsh, but those stereotypes are true.

Anyway, I’m doing my best to avoid them as long as possible. I’m going over to Nikki’s later this afternoon for some more Lost-watching. James is leaving here in a few minutes, headed back to school. It’s been nice to have him home for a bit. At least some of my family’s attention is taken away from me and given to him! It will definitely be quiet around the house without him here. But he’ll be back in a few weeks for Christmas break, which will be fun. His girlfriend is supposed to be visiting for a few days sometime after Christmas, which will be fun. I’ll have to clean out that spare room, though, if she’s going to have anywhere to sleep. That’s next on my list of cleaning. I don’t know where all this commitment is coming from – maybe knowing I have lots of free time to fill. Anyway, my room will be sparkling and clutter-free very soon.

This is What my Heart Looks Like:

26 Nov

I’m almost finished with the massive room-cleaning I’ve undertaken. Today I moved out my old bedside table and put in this new one. It has been sitting in our spare room for quite a while – pretty sure it came up here when my grandmother moved in. Anyway, I’ve laid claim to it now, giving me more storage and organization.

Hallows Over Horcruxes

24 Nov

Today’s been quite the Harry Potter day. I went in to work for a few hours this morning to help with a workshop. There were 20 kids in this one – one of the biggest they’ve ever done, doing activities based on Harry Potter and wizarding legend. The kids were sorted into four houses, made their own house name and crest, made LED wands, magic potions, silly putty, and did invisible ink. It was so much fun. Heather, Liz and I all wore graduation robes and little witch hats, so we all looked like Hogwarts professors. It was really great. I even got to make my own wand – it’s made of oak, with unicorn hair inside and a red light. Very fitting for me, I think. Now if only it were real…

This afternoon, my mom and James and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie – finally! It’s been out almost a week, and I’ve been dying to see it. Of course, we had to wait until James got home from school to go see it, and it was definitely worth the wait. I’d seen tons of posts about it on Facebook – no real spoilers, just how much everyone enjoyed it – which only made me want to see it more. My mom thought it was really scary, and it was, compared to the others. But this is the end, the most intense part of the battle that’s been raging on for seven years in the wizard world. It’s not going to be little butterflies and pixies everywhere. I can’t wait for the next movie – it won’t be too terribly long of a wait, but I’d gladly sit in a theater for six straight hours to watch it.

We’ve been watching all the previous movies, getting ready for this one. We didn’t make it through all of them, though – we started with the first, and then waited like a week before watching the second one. This didn’t leave us enough days between to finish the series before our movie time, so we only got in four of the movies. We watched the first, second, and third, then did a quick recap of everything that happens in the fourth and fifth movies, and then watched the sixth. I’m still somewhat disappointed with the sixth movie – I feel like they left out too much information that’s really relevant to the story, and focused too much on the silly side love stories. It’s one of my favorite books, and there was a lot left out of the movie. Anyway, I won’t be bitter about it. I feel like I’ve been completely immersed in the world of Harry Potter. I just love it so much. I don’t even have enough words to express my feelings about it. That Deathly Hallows tattoo might be sooner in my future than I thought…

The whole time I was watching the new movie, I kept thinking about how much I wish magic was real. Mostly because I really want that story to be real, and not a work of fiction. It got me thinking about the real world, and all the things we’ve created for ourselves to make life easier. In my opinion, movies are the closest thing to magic we’ll ever have. Some people would argue that technology or science are better choices, but I don’t think so. Movies, more than anything, give us the chance to escape from everyday life, and create worlds that exist only in the imagination. We can imagine things that have never existed before, and through the wonder and magic of movies, create them. What’s more magical than that?

While cleaning my room this past week or so, I’ve watched quite a few movies, most of them starring British actors. Of course, this includes the Harry Potter marathon we’ve had getting ready for the new movie. I also watched Love Actually tonight, which makes me want to do two things. One, get the courage up to confess my love. No further details on that, but every time I watch that movie I’m inspired to just take a leap of faith. 2. Move to England. All these British movies really make me want to just leave everything and move over there. I don’t know how realistic that is, but I’ve felt for a while that I’m on the wrong continent. I just love British accents, culture, everything. All my favorite people in the world are British, so I feel like I really connect with them. I also heard recently that the government is being more strict about working and student visas, so I don’t know if this is the best time to make this decision. But something inside me just really, really wants to live there.

I’ve had a fondness for British and French things for quite some time, and of course we all know the exotic appeal of a foreign country (for me, European ones, especially). Now my desire to live there is stronger than ever. Maybe someday it will happen…

Stuff I Want Wednesday

24 Nov

In case you’re not American or live under a rock, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We’re having family over for dinner, which means getting the house ready for guests and cooking lots of delicious food. Today’s list isn’t exactly Thanksgiving-themed, but rather holiday entertaining. Or maybe just entertaining. Anyway, here are some fun things I’d love to use while entertaining.

This lovely vase from the MoMA store is modern and unique. I think it looks great with just a few small blooms in it, or with a whole arrangement of flowers. Definitely something special to put on your table.

Tube Vase

These are definitely getting bought and used for my wedding one day. How cool are they? Champagne is great on its own, but a sleek glass like this just screams elegance and creativity.

Inside Out Champagne Glasses

I think you should always have some kind of game or puzzle or something entertaining for guests to do. Not always a board game (although those are fun and handy to have around), but something interesting that will get guests interacting with each other. This cube puzzle will do just that, I think, as guests try to create many different patterns out of the endless designs.

Motif Cube

I used to think that I liked things very matchy-matchy, but now I’m more a fan of variety and things that “go.” These glasses definitely do that – you can tell they’re all a set, but they’re distinct enough that you know right away which one is yours. And they’re really fun, too.

Distinct Patterned Glasses

My family loves deviled eggs. They’re always the thing that get snatched up faster than anything at family dinners. This colorful egg tray that looks just like an artist’s palette would be put to good use in my life.

Egg Tray

What could be more fun to mix up your favorite dishes and then use these bowls for serving? Double duty, half the mess, less cleanup. Done.

Confetti Mixing Bowls

Can you think of a better way to display your favorite photos of friends and parties for your guests? I can’t.

Snap Photo Frames