All Hallows Eve

31 Oct

I was supposed to be housesitting for my cousins this weekend, but they got sick and had to cancel at the last minute. While it would have been nice to have a little extra cash in my pocket, not being stuck here this weekend meant I could go down to Melody’s Halloween party. I haven’t been to a proper Halloween party in several years, and it was lots of fun. Definitely worth the last-minute drive down.

Deciding to attend a Halloween party at the last minute doesn’t leave you many costume options. I had thought it would be really funny, and very easy, to be Sue Sylvester. All you need is a track suit, tennis shoes, and a bull horn. Maybe a short blonde wig, but it would be more about the attitude than anything. I’d also been considering a Rachel Berry costume, because I’ve recently bought several items of clothing, on separate occasions, that would combine into a great costume for her. However, I really, really wanted to wear my fur more than anything, but was at a loss for a costume idea. Melody suggested I be Lucille Bluth, from Arrested Development. Perfect excuse to wear the fur and walk around with a martini glass, right? Absolutely. I also had the entire makings of a costume in my wardrobe – black skirt, suit jacket, pearls, flashy earrings and bracelets, low heels. I even printed out an Annyong paper doll, and was good to go. Melody did my hair when I got down there, and I have to say, it turned out pretty well. I’m quite proud of it, and even more because I didn’t spend a single penny on it. Well, at least not this weekend…

To contribute my share to the party, I made S’mores Cupcakes, which were absolutely delicious. I’ll post the recipe soon – I basically made it up, based on several versions I found around the internet. I’ll definitely have to keep that one in mind, because it was so easy to do, and they were a big hit. Really, anytime you put chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers together, it’s going to be good.

Melody had even gotten me a cute little birthday present, which was such a surprise, and so nice! She had really decorated her house up cute. It’s adorable and retro-looking anyway, but Halloween really brought out her decorating spirit. She used several ideas from the October issue of Martha Stewart’s magazine. She’d covered her furniture with white sheets like an old abandoned house and hung gauze strips from the windows like old cobwebs and ratty curtains. There were also cut-out bats hanging from doorways and mice near the floorboards, as well as candles everywhere. She’d found some great glasses and plates at Ross and the dollar store, so it looked very festive. She and Wes had even set up a boiling cauldron of dry ice outside on the porch. You have to admit – Halloween decorations are super fun.

The food was all delicious, too. Between Martha and InStyle, Melody had found some great party foods for the occasion. She made little vienna sausages wrapped in crescent roll dough like mummies, pumpkin spice chicken tacos with pico de gallo, special guacamole dip with bacon and blue cheese, Halloween-themed tortilla chips that we made using soft tortillas and cookie cutters, and her friend Kacie made graham cracker pralines. Not to mention that there was, um, quite a bit of booze. It’s Halloween for adults. We’re not exactly sitting around eating candy, now are we?

Several groups of people stopped by throughout the night, so I got to meet people from many different groups of people in Melody’s life. There were some pretty interesting and fun people there – it’s amazing how much more comfortable you can be around strangeres when you’ve felt shy your entire life.

Being on the ridiculous sleeping schedule that I am, I went to bed around 4 and woke up at 7:30. I kind of napped for a bit, but was mostly awake until Wes and Melody woke up later. We had a late lunch at Fuddrucker’s, which was great hangover food. I just wish I had been somewhere with Anthony Bourdain, having amazing street food in one of the exotic locations where he travels. If only weekends were 3 days long. I think I’d be quite productive, and still have time to have a little fun. Too bad Halloween only comes around once a year…although it is a really fun time of year to have a birthday!


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