Stuff I Want Wednesday

27 Oct

Today’s SIWW isn’t so much things I want as things I just bought for myself. If you didn’t know, today is my birthday, so happy birthday to me! I consider my Boston trip to be my birthday present to myself this year, along with all the goodies I found there. Following is what amazingly fit into my suitcase, in addition to everything I’d already packed.

Clockwise, from top left.

Knitted socks with a tree pattern. I found these at the clogs/boots/socks/tights store in Cambridge. Because life’s too short to wear boring socks.

Shirt from Anthropologie. This is a navy blue tank top with velvet and silk appliques and metallic and jeweled accents. Can’t go wrong with some sparkle!

Evergreen air freshener. I bought three of these at Nomad, because they were just so delicious. I love anything that smells like Christmas trees, but these were without a doubt the best ones I’d ever smelled. They had candles and reed diffusers, also, but I thought these air fresheners would be safest to take back on the plane. I have one in my car right now, so my car will smell like a forest for quite some time.

Printed scarf. I found this at Nomad, as well. It was handmade in India and is just gorgeous. I realized I don’t have that many printed scarves, so of course this one had to come home with me.

Vintage mink stole. Without a doubt, the greatest find ever. It was just casually hanging in the store with a dress. I tried it on for fun – that ruffle is what initially drew me to it – and it was so soft and warm I just couldn’t take it off. I walked around stroking its gorgeous fur for so long, I knew I was hooked. No idea why I need it, but it’s mine now. What’s the fun in being a girl if you can’t enjoy those kinds of benefits?

Vintage coral necklace. Also bought from the vintage store in Salem. I’m so in love with this – I think it will look great with my lacy white and coral Anthro dress. Or maybe one day a wedding gown…

Mismatching socks. Such fun, bright colors. I also got a pair for my mom in yellow, purple, and green. Extremely warm, too.

Block colored socks. Again with the fun sock trend. I don’t care what Stacy and Clinton say. Sometimes you just need fun, colorful socks. That doesn’t make them juvenile necessarily.

Red cardigan from Anthropologie. I wore this today, and it’s so cozy! Just the right amount of warmth, with that unexpected silk inlay at the shoulders. Something a little more fun, and the perfect addition to my Rachel Berry costume. (Still haven’t decided if that’s happening, but I think that would complete the look.)

Fig perfume. This is a small rollerball perfume, and it’s just lovely. I kept smelling this in Anthropologie, and I just didn’t want it to fade. The perfect solution? Taking it home!

Paris calendar. This little calendar has twelve vintage prints of Paris locations – mostly the Eiffel Tower. It’s going to eventually get taken apart and framed in a little wall collage. So cute.

Knitted llama hat. I found this in a store in Salem, with lots of other knitted items. I think the people who owned it were either Ecuadorean or Peruvian. How could I resist a hat with llamas on it?

Yellow shirt from Anthropologie. This fabric feels almost like gauze – so soft and floaty! I love the applique detail at the shoulders. And again with my new favorite color – mustard yellow.

Seal and sealing wax. I found these at Paper Source. It’s a cute little “L” shaped seal with some read and gold sealing wax. All my letters from now on will be sealed this way. Such a fun, unique way to finish them off, don’t you think?


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