I’ve Got the Power

27 Oct

Ever since I got back home on Monday night, it’s been an adventure. Apparently while I was flying back from Boston, my neighborhood got hit with a massive storm. Or tornado. Not sure exactly which, seeing as I was gone. Anyway, the wind was powerful enough to blow down some large branches and limbs from the trees in our front yard. And strong enough that these limbs took down the power lines. Not just the power lines out by the street, but the ones connected to our house. Just ripped them right out of the house, leaving us without power, cable, internet, or phone lines. This was all on Monday morning, leaving us without power until this morning. Wednesday. I’m kind of glad I missed all the excitement, although it does seem to happen only when I’m gone.

Driving back on Monday I could tell the power was out in some places. There were no street lights, or house lights, or anything – not even on the interstate, when I got close to my neighborhood. Driving around the next day in the daylight, there were tons of trees knocked over, or huge limbs lying on the ground. I saw a pretty beat-up trampoline, too. I got home about 8:30, but it was already dark and everyone was asleep already except my dad. Nothing much else to do when it’s dark and you can’t even read, I guess.

The last two days without power have been interesting, for sure. It’s funny how much you rely on electricity for everything. You have to rely on other things to occupy your time, other than TV or the internet and other such things. The most annoying thing about it is having to reset all the clocks once the power comes back on. We’ve been going to bed really early because it’s been too dark to do anything. Thank goodness for my handy and fashionable headlamp, because it allows me to walk hands-free through the house and see everything around me.

Of course, having no electricity also means that there’s no hot water. How do we solve that problem? Well, if you just so happen to have a gym membership, you can use the showers at the gym. Nevermind going to actually work out. My mom and I went last night solely for the purpose of taking a hot shower. I’m sure it looked funny to anyone who was paying attention to us – walking in with large bags, heading straight downstairs, and coming back up 20 minutes later wearing different clothes. Hey, waste not, want not. We might finally have power, but the trees are still out in the middle of the road. We can only get to our driveway from one direction – earlier it was because of the live wires and tree branches running across the road, now it’s just due to the trees. Not sure when those are getting taken up, but it’s been quite challenging, to say the least.

It was quite an exciting birthday surprise to come home to. Of course, with the power out, that meant no one could bake me a birthday cake. Being a master baker myself, I tend to be picky about bakery and grocery store cakes. Luckily, we had dinner at Cootie Brown’s, where they make the most delicious key lime pie on the face of the Earth. A miniature version came home with us and was adorned with birthday candles, so that more than made up for not having the homemade version. It doesn’t feel any different to be 24, although just saying it sounds more mature than 23. Weird how that happens. 23 was really a great year – I just hope this next one can be equally as wonderful. Or even more so.


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