Ten Things Tuesday – October 19

19 Oct

Glee is, unfortunately, taking a week off tonight, hopefully preparing for what will be an amazing Halloween episode using Rocky Horror as inspiration. I did see a preview with a shirtless Will Schuester…can’t go wrong there! So, to tide me over for a week, here are ten great ideas I hope they use in the future (hint, hint!) that I think will be truly amazing.

1. A Beatles episode. I mean, come on. They’ve done Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. It’s high time the Fab Four got their due. And there’s such a vast catalog to choose from, with so much potential for incredible arrangement. True, it would be expensive as hell. But it would be totally worth it. Think of it: a duet of Helter Skelter featuring Puck and Mr. Schue. What could possibly be hotter? I don’t think anything. It’s the sexiest idea in the history of mankind.

2. I’m dying for a face-off between April Rhodes and Shelby Corcoran, AKA Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel. I’m sure musical fans out there are just as anxious for this, as well.

3. As cheesy as it would be, and let’s face it – Glee is all about the cheese, it would be so fun to do some sort of Grease homage/50’s episode. Like, some sort of dream sequence where they’re going to school in the 50’s, wearing saddle shoes and slicking back their hair in the mirror of those hot rod cars.

4. It’s only a matter of time before they have John Stamos singing and dancing, where he finally gets to prove he has both talent and certainty. I can totally see him involved in that 50’s lineup somehow.

5. Disney songs. I can just see Sue Sylvester rocking one of those evil villian songs. It might seem a little childish, but there are some really great songs in the Disney lineup.

6. Two words: Justin. Timberlake.

7. I’m waiting for an episode done entirely with Broadway songs. It’s practically screaming for the glitzy treatment that only those lights can bring. You know, a mix of all the old standards as well as some new favorites.

8. Because of his background in musical theater, his rugged masculinity, and his hot Australian accent, it’s about time for Hugh Jackman to make an appearance. I also think we need to see a little more Josh Groban.

9. After the Rocky Horror episode, let’s get some Sweeney Todd up in there!

10. How about an entire acoustic/unplugged episode? I love the fantastical arrangements they always do – let’s face it, what’s glee club without the bright lights, sequins, and drama – but doing a whole Unplugged-inspired episode would really take them a step forward by taking a step back.


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