Fall Weekends

2 Oct

A very busy week for me! I’m so glad it’s finally Saturday – and even though I had to be up early for an event this morning, it’s still good to have a long afternoon and all of tomorrow off. The coming week is much more low-key than my life has been recently. I definitely think I need a break from doing programs; I need a breather if only to get things back in order, organize my office again, and go through all the piling-up emails and messages I’ve been missing.

Yesterday was a crazy day. I went in a few hours late, because I knew I would be at the Museum til late with First Friday events. I had a program at Coalition in the afternoon, which just went OK, I guess. The kids were way into it – a little too much, if you know what I mean. It’s amazing how much energy kids have, and how loud they can be. I don’t know how teachers do it all day long. I definitely could not, under any circumstances, do that. It was a little challenging, to say the least.

When I got back to the Museum from Coalition, one of the educators was there to meet me to pick up the supplies for the programs she did at the Apple Festival this morning. She was taking the cockroaches and the pirate science programs out there, so it was kind of a lot of stuff. She has a little car, so everything just barely fit into it. Of course, it didn’t help that her car was piled up with all kinds of stuff… Anyway. I’m not going to complain about anything. It’s too beautiful of a weekend for that. Once we got everything loaded into her car, it was time to set up for First Friday. There wasn’t much setup to it, because we had out traveling exhibit open. We had also invited some therapy dogs to come down and meet people, and have their owners talk about their work as therapy dogs. It was really neat to learn about them – I think it was a big success. I called my mom to tell her to come down. She’s always wanted to have a therapy dog.

There were tons of people out at First Friday, which doesn’t usually happen. There was some kind of Hispanic festival going on down there, so there were lots of extended families. Several food trucks and stands were set up, selling the most amazing-smelling food. There was also music and dancing – it was pretty fun. We closed the Museum around 7:30, and the dogs packed up and left. We got lots of people to stop by, so it was definitely a success for us. Afterwards, my mom and Kim, who works at the Museum, and I all walked around for a bit to see what was going on. We had a good time, drinking Mexican Coke in glass bottles! Delicious!

It was a late night, but I had a lot of fun. This morning I got up and had to go to the Girl Scout office for an open house event they were having. I had the gecko with me, who spent the night on top of a heating pad in my room. Poor thing – she was so cold all morning! She kept crawling up my sleeve for some warmth. Hopefully she isn’t too irritated with me now.

Having to work all weekend, I missed out on some pretty fun things going on in the area. It’s the Storytelling Festival this weekend, which I haven’t been to in years. I really wanted to go, but that didn’t work out. It was also the Apple Festival, which is always really fun – lots of vendor booths set up along the streets, with tons of crafts and baked goods for sale. It’s usually great for people-watching, too. And they always sell the best apples, of course. Too bad I didn’t get to see any of it… My mom got up and went to the Apple Festival walk this morning, so she brought back some delicious apples and baked goods, so it was like I was there.

This afternoon has been so relaxing. Well, except for the part where LSU finally won their game after a stressful 4th quarter, even though they really didn’t deserve to. It all comes down to counting, boys. I have a feeling there are going to be some mad Tennessee fans around here tomorrow… I feel slightly like a traitor to my state, but LSU is just far more interesting to watch. And they have better colors than that neon, day-glo orange.

Just yesterday and today, I had four scheduled Outreach events. I really hope I don’t have to do that again soon. I have to learn how to say no to things more often. It just so happens that things get scheduled for the same time, and they want us to be there. I’m going to have to make sacrifices in order to keep my sanity. It’s just about all I can do to get my own work done, let alone schedule other people to go out for me, while having to get the supplies ready, too. It’s a lot. I need an assistant. Any takers?


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