Remember That Time Jason Mraz Ate Cantaloupe Onstage? Yeah, That Was Awesome.

22 Sep

Want to know how awesome Jason Mraz is? This picture pretty much sums up how amazing he is as a person and a performer:

Out of all the concerts I’ve seen, Jason Mraz probably puts on the best show. He’s pretty awesome about his attitude toward live shows, too; he told us last night not to worry about everything going on around us, and to just have the concert experience we came to have. He was also eating cantaloupe onstage. Yeah, he’s pretty awesome.

Not to mention the fact that he came out to meet fans after the show wearing that dinosaur costume. We waited outside the Peace Center for at least an hour for him – it was a very nice night, and we didn’t have anything else to do. It was totally worth it, because we definitely got to meet him! Too bad for those obnoxious high school girls with curfews who had to go study for their gym tests… Yeah, I’m not sad they couldn’t stay.

It was such a fun night. Going with Melody, Grace, and Amanda, who are probably the biggest Jason Mraz fans I know, was amazing. I spent the night at Melody’s house, The Octopus’s Garden, as it has become known. And I, as its most frequent houseguest, had a great time. It’s the end of my summer concert series. Hopefully all my favorite people will be back on tour again next year. I don’t know what I’m going to do without so much live music in my life!

Just goes to show you that you never know when you’ll get to cross something off your bucket list. This was #11, by the way.


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