Ten Things Tuesday – September 21

21 Sep

I’m taking off this afternoon to head down to Spartanburg/Greenville to see Jason Mraz and stay with Melody and Grace. I’ve realized that I’ve been out of town quite a lot in the last year on road trips, not to mention all the traveling I do for work. So, today’s TTT list is all the places I have been/am planning to go before the end of the year.

1. Nashville, to see John Mayer with Amanda, visiting Akinya, Governor’s School, and AmeriCorps Week in May.

2. Chicago, for a grad school visit at the Art Institute.

3. Washington, D.C./Alexandria, VA, also for a grad school interview.

4. Holden Beach, NC. A random FM reunion before Mallory left for the Peace Corps.

5. Charlotte, NC, to see Paul McCartney and John Mayer, on separate occasions.

6. Spartanburg, SC, on numerous occasions, to see Melody in My Fair Lady and Hello, Dolly!, for my one year Converse reunion, and the Jason Mraz concert.

7. Chattanooga, TN, for a work training meeting.

8. Columbia, SC, to see my brother’s white coat ceremony.

9. Charleston/Folly Beach. We’re planning to go here over fall break in a few weeks.

10. Boston, to see Katy in October.


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