In the Raw

20 Sep

Had dinner with Alli tonight and heard all about her crazy adventures at her brother-in-law’s wedding. One thing’s for sure – crazy families are universal. I’m starting to think that when I get married I just want to elope, and not put up with all that family drama. Sersiously, some people are just too immature to get married yet. Why such the rush? Why not enjoy your youth while you have it, rather than rushing off before you’re really ready? Lame.

Anyway, we had dinner at Stir Fry, because I was craving sushi. I cannot remember the last time I had sushi – I’ve missed it so much in my life. I had a really amazing roll with sweet and sour sauce and peanuts on the top – some kind of Thai flavor. All I can say is, I’m going out for sushi much more often.

Dinners with Alli are always fun. We really don’t get together enough. I know I say that every single time we do hang out, but it’s really true. I’m gad we’re making an effort to see more of each other lately. She’s the kind of friend you can tell anything to, and will always be there, no matter how much time has passed. And she doesn’t put up with nonsense – if you’re doing something stupid, she will straight up tell you.

They say about college that, out of good grades, sleep, and a social life, you can only pick two. Once you graduate and have a real job, it becomes the same thing (although, replace good grades with success at work). Lately my two picks have been sleep and working. Or, mostly just working. So it’s nice to have some social plans tonight, as well as later in the week. Definitely need this in my life more often.


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