Fish Are Friends, Not Food

19 Sep

Plinky prompt of the day: Foods that remind me of someone.

Goat cheese reminds me of…Mari. We both have a serious love for this stuff. I even gave her some for Christmas one year.

S’mores remind me of…Melody. I can’t think of anyone who loves s’mores more than she does. She even had a tiny s’mores roaster in her dorm, and we sat around it several times toasting marshmallows.

Beets remind me of…Victoria. Probably because she’s the only person I know, ever, who likes them.

Burritos remind me of…James. Because he eats like 5 burritos a day.

Halloween Oreos remind me of…my mom. We both think they are the best Oreos all year.

Nutella reminds me of…Laurann. I’ve never much liked it, but I’ve never seen anyone else devour it with quite as much gusto and dedication.

Corn reminds me of…Lindsay. She loves bowls of corn. Laurann does not.

Sushi reminds me of…everyone from Governor’s School, and our big sushi parties in the painting studio.

Blue beverages remind me of…Melody. Again, because no one likes them more than her.

Ramen noodle salad reminds me of…Kelly. Because I got the recipe many years ago from her mom.

Tabasco sauce reminds me of…my grandfather. I think his love for it was second only to mine.

Sweet and sour chicken and fried rice reminds me of…Amanda. We’ve eaten it together on so many dinner dates.

Popsicles – the kind that come in a long tube of plastic wrap and you cut the end off of it – remind me of…Mari. We ate so many of those things in our dorm, they became a regular staple.

Caprese salad reminds me of…Nikki. She makes it a lot when we have dinner and movie nights.

Spaghetti and meatballs reminds me of…my mom. Because I recently found out that she doesn’t even like it.

Snow cones remind me of…Grace. Because she and Melody have their traditional Snow Cone Wednesday.

Churros remind me of…Leah. We had nothing but churros and hot chocolate for dinner one night in Madrid. Totally worth it.

Pumpkin anything reminds me of…Melody. For obvious reasons.

Peanut butter reminds me of…my dad. Because he literally puts it on everything. Ice cream is his particular favorite. Recently we did an experiment to see how long it would take him to eat an entire jar by himself, which is a week.


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