Rhythm and Roots

18 Sep

Today I drove up to Bristol to the Rhythm and Roots festival. They have a kids and families area on Saturday mornings during the festival, as do most, so I was set up at a table down there with Museum info and my faithful travelers, the gecko and roaches, of course. The day was actually very nice, despite being up very early on a Saturday morning (again). The festival was really well-organized and a lot of fun. The people there were nice and friendly, which always makes it easier to have a long workday. I guess that’s what you get when you go to a bluegrass festival.

It was a pretty busy weekend at the Museum in general, because it was our big birthday celebration weekend. Luckily most of the commotion had died down by the time I got back there – although I did accidentally set off the back door alarm when I came in. I think the weekend staff often forgets when I’m coming in and out. Not that it’s their job to remember my schedule, but it’s kind of a nuisance to have that alarm go off when I’m in the middle of carrying a bunch of heavy stuff in. Anyway, it was, all in all, a good day. Even though there was some crazy mom there who let her kid dress up in the costumes without telling anyone her child had lice, and then only letting us “overhear” this fact. Seriously, how hard is it to keep your kid out of public when they have lice? Major lapse of judgement there, idiot parents.

Even though I’ve worked a lot of Saturdays lately, I’m trying to make it up by going in late during the week/taking a day off. I’m pretty excited about this part – even though it means never having two days off in a row, making it kind of challenging to plan anything. I have another crazy couple of weeks coming up, as usual. I get tired of hearing myself say that, too.

I feel like I had a much more eventful day than I really did. That doesn’t really happen when your entire life revolves around work. I have some exciting things planned for the coming weeks, though, if I can just make it through about two more weeks of straight working! I’m excited to go down to Spartanburg on Tuesday night to see Jason Mraz with Melody, Grace, and Amanda! That also means taking all of Wednesday off, which is definitely a plus. It will be my last concert of the summer, and likely for the year. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the best ever. Jason Mraz is such a great performer. Can’t wait!


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