Ten Things Tuesday – September 14

14 Sep

I should probably wait to do this list til next week, when it’s officially the start of fall, but I’m just so anxious for it that I had to jump the gun. I did this post two years ago, but I thought it needed a little update. I can feel fall in the air, and it’s like getting a new life. You can feel the excitement it brings – I can’t wait for it to just finally burst out! In honor of my favorite season, ten things I love about fall:

1. Changing leaves. It doesn’t get much better than to watch the leaves turn from green to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. I swear I’ve even seen purple leaves before. Here in the mountains, it’s just gorgeous. I love driving around and seeing all the beautiful colors. It makes me want to take many road trips.

2. Scarves. My favorite accessory, and not one I get to wear much in the summer. I have an embarrasing number of scarves – many of which I’ve made myself. Ask me which is my favorite, and I couldn’t begin to tell you.

3. Pumpkin spiced everything. Starbucks has their incredible pumpkin spice latte and their salted caramel hot chocolate, not to mention their muffins, breads and scones. There’s pumpkin everything, everywhere. Candles. Cakes. Coffee. It’s all so delicious!

4. My birthday. My birthday is four days before Halloween, which is an incredibly fun time of year to have a birthday.

5. Boots. I used to not like boots that much, but the past couple of years they’ve slowly been growing on me. I feel so European when I walk around in a pair of flat boots – they’re stylish but comfortable for walking everywhere. Not to mention how powerful and sexy you feel in a great pair of spiked boots. Fierce!

6. Apples. To me, this really means fall has arrived. We have the Apple Festival, where you can buy anything and everything made from apples. Apple cider, apple butter, applewood bacon, apple honey, apple stack cake, apple turnovers, even bushels of apples! It’s like the unofficial fall kickoff.

7. Tea. I have missed my morning teacups, as it’s been far too hot to actually make tea. I’m so looking forward to it in the coming season – those spicy blends I love so much!

8. Football. College football – let’s be clear. Game days are so exciting, tailgaiting is a sight to behold, and no one is more passionate about their team than the SEC. It’s a great place to live during football season. They know what’s up.

9. Crisp air. I love that feeling when you walk outside in the sun, and you breathe in that slight crispness in the air. It’s a little windy, with just a hint of a chill, but still warm enough that you want to be outside. Really, it’s the best. It always makes me feel adventurous, probably because I can actually feel the change coming around, and I want to just jump right into it wholeheartedly.

10. Halloween Oreos. They are, for some unexplained reason, the best Oreos of the entire year. There’s something about that orange icing that’s just superior to any other color or flavor they have. My family goes through a ridiculous amount of Oreos this time of year. They’re just the best.


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