Hello, Dolly!

12 Sep

I’ve spent the weekend down in Spartanburg, seeing Melody in Hello, Dolly! last night. I was so excited to see this show – she’s been talking about it for so long, and I’m glad it’s finally here. The show was great, but more on that in a minute.

It’s still so weird to go down to Spartanburg, now that I don’t live there anymore. I still know my way around, of course, but it’s weird to drive around and not be living there, and to see new things popping up that I haven’t seen before. Anyway, I had a good weekend. I drove down yesterday morning – it rained most of the way down, but that cooled everything off. The weather was nice by the time I made it down. I met Melody and Grace at Melody’s house. I met Grace’s ferret, who is stinky but really cute. We went out for lunch at the Italian restaurant where their mom is working now. It was amazing food! We had a great time, and even ran into some FMers for a little random reunion. It was fun!

After our amazing and completely filling lunch, we went to Fresh Market to get coffee samples and look for Halloween candy. It was a nice little break to walk off some of our enormous meal. We went back to Melody’s house afterwards and sat around, cat napping and watching the stage version of Sweeney Todd. Melody’s boyfriend, Wes, showed up a little before Melody left to get ready for the show. Wes, Grace and I all got ready and headed over to the theater. The show was really good – one of the best I’ve seen them do in Spartanburg. Melody played Irene, which was one of the main roles. I think she enjoyed doing it – she’s getting to do more meaty roles with them and really show how talented she is.

After the show, we stood out in the lobby talking to the cast for a while, feeling how heavy the train of Melody’s dress was (quite heavy, by the way). We waited for her to change and then went to Wild Wings with some of the cast for a late dinner. By then, Grace and I had digested our huge lunches and were ready for some more food. Three of the guys from the cast went with us. They were so funny! I love being around theatrical people – it of course comes with its fair share of drama, but also some hilarious and entertaining stories. We had a great time – it made me wish I could live down there and go out with them often. My quiet, boring life here is nothing like that.

After our late dinner, we went back to Melody’s house and stayed up for a little while longer. We were all pretty exhausted, though, so we didn’t stay up extremely late. This morning we got up and had a nice breakfast while watching You’ve Got Mail. Melody found pumpkin bread at Fresh Market yesterday, which we heated up with some butter for breakfast. She also bought an enormous jug of apple cider, which was the entire reason for the trip in the first place, which made for a delightfully fall breakfast. We also had a taste of the pumpkin spice cake I made for my mom’s birthday last week. Look for that recipe soon – it’s amazing! We spent a lazy morning just lying around the house. Wes eventually left for his friend’s house, to watch a football game, while Melody started to get ready for her afternoon performance. She’d left her car at the theater the night before, so I dropped her off there on my way out of town.

Before I left, I stopped by Barnes and Noble to find a book she’d told me about – Paul is Undead. It’s about the Beatles as if they were in fact zombies. It’s hysterical – I’ll have to tell you more about it once I’ve finished it, though. So far, I like it. It was on a discount buy 2, get 1 free table, so I also got a few more books for my collection. Not that I need any new ones at the moment – I have plenty around here that I haven’t read yet. It’s an addiction, though. I’ll have plenty of reading material for quite some time.

So anyway, it was a good weekend. The weather turned out so nice today. I’ve just been lazy all day – I’m a little tired from my busy workweek and my road trip weekend. It’s been fun, though. I’m headed back down to Spartanburg in about a week for Jason Mraz!


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  1. Zola Heronemus 9 September, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    I refuse.

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