Ten Things Tuesday – September 7

7 Sep

Ten things that make me smile:

1. Making an excellent playlist. Or when your iTunes shuffle knows exactly what song you want to hear next, when you didn’t even realize it yourself.

2. Hearing something to which the response, “That’s what she said” is appropriate. Especially in a setting where that response is not appropriate, forcing me to keep it inside. Such as church.

3. Realizing that you are having a grand adventure. Whether it’s a last-minute road trip or that Paris vacation you’ve always planned, it’s finally getting there and soaking up every moment that counts.

4. Finding the perfect gift for someone. Even if it’s not for a special occasion, even if it’s just because they’ll love it. I love finding something I know they just can’t live without, even if they don’t know it yet.

5. Recognizing cultural references and covers of things. For example, the fact that Across the Universe is basically a love letter to the Beatles. Or how Jack Black’s character in The Holiday listens to Ennio Morricone (thanks Mari for turning me on to that!).

6. That long phone conversation with a good friend.

7. This video:

8. Finding $20 in the pocket of your winter coat that’s been hiding all through the warm weather.

9. Hearing a song that reminds me of someone I love. Or reading something in a book or magazine. Or watching a movie. Really, it doesn’t matter. I love those moments when you are just minding your own business, and then whatever’s around you reminds you of someone dear.

10. The “tortilla head” in Toy Story 3. I don’t know why, but that tortilla is the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen.


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