Finish Line

4 Sep

With this week’s TTT list, I sucessfully made it an entire month of posting. I don’t know how, but the entire month of August was filled with new inspiration and the urge to write. Not a bad thing, I think. Of course, this doesn’t count the 12 or so days in July that were consecutive, leading up to August. Nor does it count the 4 here in September, which has to be some sort of personal record. But for the entire month of the hottest part of the summer, I made some sort of anecdote for the day. Maybe it was the heat – I was trying my hardest to stay inside, and naturally being online served that purpose. I’m not winning a special prize or anything like that, but I feel like I completed a little personal accomplishment. Like, once I realized I was on that track, I had to keep going. One of those personal challenges you have that doesn’t really mean anything or even make sense, but it means a lot when you actually finish it. No rhyme or reason, just the sense that you HAVE to do it, or else. At least I finished something, unlike the rest of my life lately!


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