I’m the Hero of this Story

2 Sep

Plinky prompt of the day: If you could be any fictional character, who would it be?

My gut reaction to this question is to be Harry Potter, or at least someone in his universe. Seriously, what could be cooler? You’d be a British wizard, get to go to Hogwarts, and learn really cool stuff. I’d definitely pay attention in class if I was using a magic wand all the time.

However, I think my real answer is to be Amelie, from the movie of the same name. Her story is beautiful – she decides to do good deeds and help people, starting with returning an old lost treasure to its owner – and along the way, she helps herself. She’s trying to figure out who the mysterious man is in all the photobooth picture trash, but ends up making even bigger discoveries. She lives in Montmartre amongst quirky characters, and really just wants to give them happiness. In the end, though, nobody is happier than she is. And she finds a great love to share that with.

So beautiful. I’m completely envious of that. Plus she has an adorable haircut that I could probably not pull off.

If I could not be Harry Potter or Amelie, then I would probably want to be Penny Lane in Almost Famous. She had the best wardrobe and got to travel around with musicians in the 70s. My ideal existence? Pretty much.


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