Dream Upon Waking

1 Sep

Do you ever wake up in the morning, haunted by a vivid dream you just woke up from? Something that seems so real that you can actually feel what’s going on, as though you’re really there? You wake up and you still remember it, and you almost can’t tell if it’s for real or something you just imagined. It kind of sticks with you, almost hauntingly, and won’t go away until you’ve convinced yourself there’s no way it really happened.

That happened to me last night/this morning. I had an extremely weird dream, and I just can’t stop thinking about it. I won’t give any specifics – it’s a little too personal and little too disturbing for the internet. It’s an odd feeling – in one sense, you want the feeling to go away because it’s just so bothersome, but on the other, you kind of want to cling to it, to see if it keeps going, where your mind will take you.

This kind of thing reminds me of Inception, how you blur the lines of reality til you don’t really know what’s real. It’s odd to think that our minds can create something so vivid, so unique, that we can even convince ourselves it actually exists. Then you get into that whole argument about whether or not your thoughts exist, too – or the things in them. You have thoughts all the time, but does that make them real? Just because they’re not a tangible thing you can keep, not something you can fully define?

Pretty deep for a Wednesday.


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