25 Aug

It’s going to be a long week this week, and it’s only halfway over. On Monday night, we had an after-hours board meeting. Well, not so much a meeting as some of the board and their families here in the Museum, just to play and get to know each other a bit. It’s funny that a lot of them have never really been here to the Museum, to see what all we offer. It’s an entirely different perspective, for sure. We had some delicious snacks from one of the downtown bars, stood around chatting for a bit, and went on a little tour of the Museum. The point was just to have fun, to explore and find out all about the Museum. I also did a Discovery Lab program – we were doing archaeology. I’ve never done that program before, but it wasn’t difficult. The programs are usually pretty easy to pick up, so most of the time no one even knows it’s your first time doing one. I’ve never met any of the board before, so it was nice to get to know some of them, including a couple that are volunteering to work at the fair with me this week.

Speaking of the fair, it’s going pretty well, I guess. It’s only been one day, but so far, so good. I’m having some lazy mornings, because I have to work so late this week. Instead of going in to work at 9:00 every morning, I’m waiting and going in at 1:00, so I don’t have to work a 12-hour day. It’s kind of nice to sleep in and be a little lazy. I haven’t been able to sleep in this late for quite a while. And even then, I don’t sleep too terribly late, because I’m just in that routine where I get up in the mornings. It’s nice for a little change of pace, though, although it is rather quiet around my house. A lazy morning here and there is a nice break. I’m going to the fair every night this week, until Saturday, so I’ll be in this routine for a while. I kind of feel like I’ll never be back at the Museum at this point! One thing about my job – it’s never the same thing twice!

While I do like the variety, sometimes I do wish it was more regular. That way I could make more definite plans, rather than saying, well, I will probably have to work. But then, when my life does get into a routine, it gets a little too monotonous, and then I get really bored. I guess I just need to find the right balance of routine and variety so that I don’t get bored, but feel like I have a consistent schedule. Right now, the only thing that’s consistent is the inconsistency.


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