The September Issue

23 Aug

Anyone in fashion can tell you the most important magazine of the year is the September issue of Vogue. It’s always filled with photos from the recent runway shows, ads from all the big design houses, and all the latest info on fall fashion week. Not that I get to take much advantage of any of it, mind you, being poor and living nowhere near a fashion metropolis. Or any metropolis, come to think of it.

There’s just something magical about that issue, though. Something that perks you up when you skim through its crisp pages, almost like you can feel autumn coming on – and the proof is right there in the clothing. Everything about it screams luxury – the feel of the paper, the smell of the binding, the perfume ads that remind you of exotic places. The stacked heels, the perfectly tailored suits, houndstooth, leather, silk and feathers galore. The glittering jewelry, the luxuriously decorated celebrity homes. The sumptuous and sensual ads from all the major labels: Chanel. Hermes. Dior. Prada. Marc Jacobs. Dolce and Gabbana. Gucci. Burberry. DVF. Oscar de la Renta. Valentino. Lanvin.

I just bought my issue tonight, and I’m not even halfway through it yet, but I can feel the excitement that high fashion brings. Oh, how I wish I were part of that world. I’d really love to be a fashion designer or a stylist. In my fantasy life, that’s what I do – I dress beautiful and wealthy people, attend glamorous parties, vacation all over the world, and use fine fabrics in fabulous prints and colors to make the world beautiful. And it’s the September Issue that makes me feel like this is possible. Like some poor nobody from nowhere Tennessee can make it in that high-glamour world. I’m probably not cut out for it, but that perfect fantasy remains in my mind. And my new issue of Vogue isn’t helping me get back to reality…


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