22 Aug

I realize that I don’t really write that much about things other than my own life. I’m going to make an effort to do that, as a way to be more creative and think about things other than what is happening to me at that moment. I’ve been stockpiling some Plinky prompts as a starting point. They’ll be popping up here and there. So, here goes with the first one:

The industry that ushered me into the workforce is…

Foodservice. My first job in high school was as a hostess in restaurant. I worked there for my entire senior year, the summer before I started college, and every summer that I lived at home again until right before my senior year of college. Most of the time I really liked hosting – I didn’t trust myself enough to actually wait tables, even though I would have made a lot more money. It worked out pretty well, because most everyone else didn’t like hosting at all, so I just did it all the time, leaving all the table-waiting jobs for them. As jobs go, it was pretty good, for a first-time worker and a restaurant job.

I think everyone should work at a restaurant for their first job. And probably retail for their second. It would definitely give them an appreciation for the people who get their food in restaurants and sell them things in stores. Too often, we don’t appreciate how tough it can be to work in those industries. The people who do these thankless jobs every day honestly try to do the best they can to earn their money. Sometimes it’s not even what they want to be doing, but is the best they can find. I mean, in high school, it was a way for me to make extra money. But now, as someone with a college degree, I wouldn’t necessarily want to work there again. Not to say there’s anything shameful in waiting tables or working retail. It’s a steady income, after all. And after working in a restaurant, I definitely have a healthy respect for the people doing these jobs. I know what they’re going through, how frustrating it can be to work your ass off for not much money, and to be underappreciated for your efforts. So the next time you get really great service somewhere, tell your waiter. It might be the best thing to happen to them all day.


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