14 Aug

Toady was the UMOJA festival downtown, and it was certainly an interesting day. Even though it was a lot of the same stuff as Blue Plum, and even in the same location, it was quite a different crowd. We didn’t have nearly so much Museum stuff out there – just the bubble table. That in itself can be challenging to supervise, making sure kids don’t splash all the bubble mix everywhere, replacing broken wands (it happens more than you’d think), and refilling the table. It’s a lot to do. My day was spent mostly in little shifts of about 20 minutes – 20 minutes inside, 20 minutes outside. I got some stuff done here at the Museum during those little shifts, including writing the teacher guide for the EnviroScape program.

The festival itselft was a little disorganized; it hasn’t been around very long, and this is the first year they’ve done it downtown, so it was a little different and chaotic. There was supposed to be a stilt-walking program at the Museum at 1:00, but apparently that didn’t happen. They made announcements for it and everything, and most people went over there, but there was no performance. This was entirely on them, because it was understood the performance was to be at 1:00. We were then told 2:30, but it didn’t happen until 4:00. Needless to say, it was a little confusing and somewhat irritating for the weekend manager.

Even though it’s not an all-weekend thing like Blue Plum, I was still out there really late tonight. The kids’ activities shut down at 9:00, so I was washing off that bubble table in the dark! There really isn’t anything regular about my job. I feel like I work 24 hours a day. The good part about this weekend was that it was just a late-afternoon thing, rather than being out in the heat of the day. I’ll be glad to have a few days coming up here at the Museum, to just relax and do some office work. I like having lots of places to go, and having an interesting schedule, but I’m getting tired. It’s been an exhausting summer! I’ll be glad when things settle down a bit and I can get back to just doing classroom programs.


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