Ten Things Tuesday – August 10

10 Aug

Part 2 of last week’s TTT list. Ten bands/musicians I want to see in concert:

1. Coldplay. I have a friend who really wants to see them, and I’d love to go, too. Too bad they’re not on tour…that would have made this summer of concerts I’ve seen truly complete.

2. Jamie Cullum. I’ve loved him for years. His energy is soulful piano with a definite rock edge. I think his live show would be amazing. And especially since he came out with his new album back in the spring, I’ve really been itching to see him.

3. Michael Buble. Another Frank Sinatra-esque singer that I love. He just knows about all those old-time, classic favorites. My college roommate saw him a few years ago, and she said his show was amazing. He most definitely is on my list!

4. Jack Johnson. I’ve been more into Jack lately, working at the Museum and all. We’re big fans of him around here, and usually have his music playing at some point throughout the day on our stage. Ideally I’d love to sip margaritas on a beach somewhere and listen to him. He seems very well suited for an outdoor concert.

5. Josh Groban. So last week’s most vocally talented performer was Jason Mraz. I’m sure that Josh Groban would blow him out of the water. Not to mention that he’s really funny, and loves quirky things like I do (i.e. Arrested Development). And he has a dog named Sweeney (as in Todd). I think he’d be so fun. A little more serious of a show, no doubt, but still a funny guy. Kind of like playing himself on Glee – not taking things too seriously.

6. Ben Folds. He played in Nashville sometime around my senior year or the summer after graduation. My mom wouldn’t let me go, even though a few of my friends and my boyfriend were going. I really wish I’d been able to go – I love Ben! He’s always been one of those favorites that I rediscover. Like, I’ll go for a long time without listening to his music, and then all of a sudden I’ll hear it again, or something in my life will remind me of him, and I’ll get back into it. When I was first compiling this list, I totally forgot about him, until I was in a store recently and heard a song by him. And I thought, “Ben! Where have you been all my life, and why have I still not seen you live?” That definitely needs to change soon.

7. Flogging Molly. I really would like nothing more than to down a few shots and then just go crazy in their crowd. I’m sure their concerts are one huge, sweaty moshpit. Not that I want to be right in the middle of that, but I have a sneaking suspicion it would be the most ridiculously fun time ever. I mean, I have an entire playlist titled Irish Drinking Songs, comprised of mostly their music…

8. Lifehouse. I’ve loved their music for so long. My friend Kelly has seen them before. I always forget how moving their songs are until I hear them again. I’ve been listening to them more recently, and decided they should go on this list.

9. Regina Spektor. I’ve only recently become a fan of hers, and I really love her. I hear her music in movies or in stores or just random places, and always really enjoy it, even when I don’t know it’s her. Thanks to Shazam, I’ve been able to discover many of her songs I’ve heard before but never knew were hers. I’d love to see her live.

10. The Beatles. OK, I realize this is 100% impossible, until time-travel becomes a reality. But really, this would be my ideal concert. I just love them so much, as we’ve all heard before. I won’t go into all the details – you know the drill. I’m not sure I would actually hear anything over the thousands of screaming fans (and let’s face it, I would totally be one of them!). Let’s say that seeing The Beatles in the 1960s with today’s concert technology would be amazing.


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