8 Aug

My mom, my brother and I just got back from seeing Inception. Holy. Crap. What a complete mind-bender that was! When I first saw the previews for it, I wasn’t extremely interested in seeing in. Granted, I do love Leonardo DiCaprio, but I just wasn’t that interested. As I’m sure you have, I kept hearing how good it was, and how insane. And this was not an understatement. If anything, I don’t think I know words big enough to describe just how insane it was. I’m pretty sure my mind exploded every time something in the movie did.

The cast was excellent. There’s usually a couple of people in the movie that are annoying or just really don’t do a good job in their roles. I didn’t think that about anyone in this movie – they all did a great job. Even though it was a long movie, I didn’t think there was anything frivolous. Of course, it was confusing a lot of the time, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I definitely want to go back and see it again.

I’m not sure that my mom liked it all that much. She thought it was going to be something different than what it actually was, although I did warn her that it was pretty science fiction-y. It’s definitely one of those you have to see more than once, because the more you watch it, the more you catch on to. I really like movies that stick with you – ones that you think about for days after you’ve seen them. It just blows my mind every time I think about it. I can’t even imagine coming up with that kind of idea. I mean, I know creativity exists, of course, but through most of the movie I was sitting there thinking, “How is this real? How in the world did someone actually think this whole thing up?” It’s just truly mind-boggling genius.

I’m most definitely adding that to my collection when it comes out.


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