Tax Free Weekend

7 Aug

It’s tax-free weekend here in Tennessee, and that means some serious bargain shopping. My personal pact to not spend any money has pretty much gone out the window this summer. I can’t help that it’s been way too hot to go outside much, leaving nice air-conditioned stores and my internet shopping habit to keep me cool. But I don’t even care about it this weekend, because of all the great stuff I got. I really should have taken a picture of it all before I neatly put it up in my closet…maybe I’ll just pull everything back out and get a picture that way…

As you can imagine, the stores we went into this weekend looked like a hurricane had swept through them. I was chatting with some of the cashiers in Old Navy, and they said they didn’t even bother picking up and sorting through the tables of t-shirts the night before. They had been there cleaning and straightening up until 12:30 that morning. I definitely don’t blame them for not wanting to conquer the massive tangle of shirts I saw!

Old Navy was the first place Mom and I went. I just wanted to kind of shop in general, but I did have a few things in mind to get. I needed a new denim skirt, which I found. I’ve also been looking for blazers recently. I just love the look of a crisp tailored blazer with a flowing tunic or a dress. I had seen one or two on the ON website, but I didn’t so much like them in person. I did manage to find some other great shirts, though.

The Old Navy purchases:

White button down shirt, blue and pink striped button down shirt (a little preppy for my taste, but the colors were so fun!), purple long-sleeved cardigan, mint green printed t-shirt, red tunic, denim skirt, green ruffle cardigan.

My brother was working at Barberito’s today, so we stopped by there on our way from Old Navy to see if he wanted to go shopping when he got off work. He’s moving into an apartment this year, so he needed new sheets for a bigger bed, bathroom rugs and towels, and kitchen appliances and dishes. He said he would wait til tomorrow, so we got a cold drink and left.

Next we went to the mall. We had been headed for JC Penney, but took a detour into Forever 21 first. My mom had never been in there before. It’s so big – it’s definitely intimidating your first time through. I didn’t think we would stop and look at things, but of course we got sidetracked. There are so many cute things in there, and just as many ridiculous items to laugh about. I immediately saw a shirt hanging up toward the ceiling that was calling my name. It was all over after that. We spent probably a good hour in there shopping. We both got several cute new shirts.

The Forever 21 purchases:

Leopard print tunic (with a zipper all the way down the back – so wild for me!), coral studded shirt, ikat ruffle tank (the shirt that was calling my name), red cutout tunic, green printed tunic

The last stop of the day was JC Penney. You wouldn’t think it, but they usually have some good things when you’re looking for something specific. Several times when I’ve been looking for a dress or an outfit for something special, I’ve found it there. I didn’t have tons of luck there today, but I did manage to find a white blazer! I’m very excited about that.

The JC Penney purchases:

Red ruffle-sleeve cardigan, white blazer

I’m quite proud of myself because, even though there were approximately 15 new things coming into the closet, there was an equal number of old things leaving the closet. The last time I went through all my clothes – a few months ago – I realized how much stuff I really do have. I do wear the majority of it, but then there are things I really haven’t worn in a few years. College t-shirts that I don’t really want to get rid of, but probably won’t wear again much. Mediocre shirts and shorts that are good for the gym. Things I kept in hopes I would fit into again one day. Things I’ve kept out of nostalgia. All really great reasons to keep things around, right? Well, I just have so much stuff that I really don’t need. So I decided that, every time something new finds its way into my closet or dresser, something old has to go. This way there will be a good balance of old and new – I’ll still get to support my addicting shopping habits, but not feel so guilty about having piles of crap lying around. So far I’ve kept to this rule very well. I feel another round of purging coming up soon, though, when I start to pull out my winter clothes.

I was very conscious of getting some bright colors (Old Navy was great for that), and some patterns. These are two things I’ve really tried to incorporate into my life lately. The more I’m conscious of this, the more I realize just how plain everything I had before was. Sure, there were some good colors and interesting details, but for the most part, not much pattern. I love how much more fun and playful it is when you wear patterns. Also, at the request of my mom, I’ve been looking for more red. I like to wear a variety of colors, and red is one of my favorites. I didn’t have that much in my wardrobe, though, but now I do! For now, I’m so excited about my new clothes. I mean really, who doesn’t get excited about that!


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