4 Aug

It’s been quite the eventful couple of days. I had more of the Virginia Highlands Festival this week, which luckily wasn’t nearly so disastrous as last time. In fact, despite the fact that it was really slow, it wasn’t anywhere near what you’d call a disaster. Yesterday I took Raja and the cockroaches up there, who are always a big hit with kids. I’m sure they all enjoyed the heat, being desert and rainforest animals. At least it wasn’t freezing this time for Raja! Today was BioFuels, which was really like a ghetto version of it. I just took little samplings of all the different stations, minus all the really expensive and electrical equipment. I guess it went over OK; I’m mostly just glad to have it done! The guy doing the facepainting up there said he was likely going to be in charge of the kids’ area next year, and that he really wanted to start planning soon to make it great. I certainly hope it’s more organized – it was definitely hectic this year! And by next year, too, I’ll know what to expect, rather than kind of going into everything blindly. I don’t really have much reference for what I’m doing, since nobody else at the Museum has done this stuff before.

Even though I missed yoga last night – as I have been doing a lot lately – I had dinner with Alli yesterday. It’s been forever since I’ve seen her. We had a quick dinner a few weeks ago, but it definitely wasn’t long enough. It’s funny how we only see each other maybe once a month now, even though we live in the same town again. But it’s like we never had any time apart, despite both our lives being ridiculously busy. We ate at Cootie Brown’s, where we usually end up. As if I haven’t been there enough, or already tried everything on the menu… Anyway. It was nice to catch up, as it always is. She’s leaving in a few days for Orlando, where she’s going to Disney World and Universal. She’s going to the Harry Potter park, which I’m insanely jealous of! I’m sure this summer it’s been insane, with crazy long lines and thousands of people wanting to get in first, so I’ll have to wait a bit before I go. Preferably not in the summer, when it’s hot as hades out there, and everyone and their extended family are there. I think she’ll have a good trip; it’s the first trip they’ve taken together, alone, since their honeymoon. Lord knows she and Andrew need some time alone, just the two of them together. Both their families are ridiculous and take up a lot of their time, so I’m sure they’re craving some alone time.


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