Ten Things Tuesday – August 3

3 Aug

Ten bands/musicians I’ve seen in concert. At first I thought it would be hard to think up 10 different live acts I’ve seen, but once I really got down to it, I realized I’ve seen far more than this. Here are the most memorable:

1. Paul McCartney. Anyone who’s been reading on here lately knows it was just under a week ago that I saw him. I’ve been pretty much obsessed with him ever since. Not that I wasn’t before…I highly doubt anything for the rest of my life could top this performance. If you have the chance, go see him. You won’t regret it.

2. John Mayer. The number of times I’ve seen him could itself populate half this list. A few weeks ago I saw him for the fifth time, and he just keeps getting better. I’d go see him absolutely anytime I could, just to watch him make love with a guitar on stage.

3. John Mayer Trio. I thought I’d list this separate because, even though I count the Trio as one of the five times I’ve seen JM, this was an entirely different experience. I saw them at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach a few years ago, and it was the perfect venue for it. Truly bluesy and jazzy. John’s got some soul.

4. Jason Mraz. He came to Converse a few years ago and did a concert on our back campus. It was one of the few concerts I actually went to, because I knew the performer. He’s got to be the most vocally talented person on this list. I’m going to see him again in September, and I’m so excited!

5. Michael Franti and Spearhead. They opened for John Mayer in February when I went to see him. I don’t know tons of their music, but I do like it a lot. I just have these images of them trekking across the world, spreading love and peace. They’re definitely chill while being funky at the same time. I wish we’d seen more of them.

6.  NSYNC. One of the first concerts I ever went to. I had to be like, 13 or so. My mom got us tickets for Christmas, and we saw them in Knoxville. I remember actually going and some highlights, but for the most part I don’t remember much. I didn’t really know what to expect, having never been to a big concert before that. There were definitely tons of screaming fangirls, much like I’m sure Justin Bieber gets nowadays. Except this crowd was probably a little older…

7. Harry Connick, Jr. My mom, grandmother and I went to see him a few years ago in Columbia. He’s one of our family favorites, and the closest thing to Frank Sinatra I’m ever going to see. The impressive thing about him was that there were no frills. No opening band, no big to-do. He just came out on stage, bowed, and starting singing. He’s a really great performer, and the fact that his show wasn’t extremely theatrical made it nice. Just some jazz musicians and a singer on stage.

8. DC Talk. Over my middle and high school careers, I went to several youth retreats, conferences, or whatever you want to call it. They always had a Christian band playing there for the weekend, leading worship but also giving a concert on Saturday nights. I’ve seen several bands this way: Audio Adrenaline, FFH, Lost and Found, Switchfoot, and probably a few more I’m leaving out. By far the best, and probably the biggest,  was DC Talk. They were one of the first CDs I ever owned, way back in like third grade when I first bought a CD player. Even though I haven’t listened to it in a while, their Jesus Freak CD is still one of my favorites – I’m sure I still remember all the lyrics. This is another concert where I don’t remember too many details, just that I was there and it was awesome.

9. Guster. They opened for John Mayer the very first time I saw him, my junior year of high school. I’d never heard of them before that night (because, let’s face it, I was there for John), but I had several friends who knew of them before. I really loved their music, and have since heard most of it. They’re one of my favorites, and I really wouldn’t mind seeing them again, when I can fully appreciate the music.

10. Chris Cagle. I’m not a fan of country music at all, but I have seen Chris Cagle. He came to the fair when I was in high school, and we went all as one big group of friends together. There must have been seven or eight of us at that concert, which made it a lot of fun. Kristen and a few others got to meet him afterwards – I wasn’t really that anxious to meet him, but I did get my CD signed by him. On the rare occasion that I’m in the mood for a little country music, I do pop him back in every now and then. It’s good memories of my high school friends.

(alternate number 11: Damien Horne. He’s not really famous yet, but hopefully will be one day. He was at Governor’s School last year, and really knows how to entertain a crowd. Look for him!)

Stay tuned for next week’s version, ten bands/musicians I want to see in concert.


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