You Were Only Waiting for this Moment to be Free

1 Aug

In continuing with my current uber-obsession with The Beatles, I’ve spent the entire day lounging in bed listening to their albums. In order. From start to finish. I didn’t get all the way down the list, though – I only made it through Magical Mystery Tour. Still, that’s quite an impressive list to listen to all in one day.

The reason I started listening to all their music in order was that I got to browsing in my book, The Beatles: 10 Years That Shook the World. Casual browsing turned to somewhat obsessive reading, and that’s what got me craving to listen to the progression of their music. If you’re a Beatles fan, I would highly recommend this book. I think it’s much like the Anthology book, which I’ve never read before, but seems like these would be comparable (more on that in a minute). There are tons of pictures, interviews and stories from the writers of MOJO magazine. You can tell they put an extra special effort into creating this definitive volume, and that the writers really jumped at the chance to do the stories. It’s a great book, and I’d highly recommend to get it.

Anyway, it was reading this book that got me in the listening mood. It spans the entire Beatles career and catalogue, so it just seemed fitting to have the music to go along, as well. It was funny – as I read through the book, I was reading about the times in their lives when they were creating the music I was hearing. It was a great progression through time and creative growth. It even inspired me to move Help! to the top of my Netflix queue.

I’ve also been browsing Amazon for Beatles-related things I don’t have yet, and found quite the treasure trove. I just ordered the entire set of Anthology CDs. How I didn’t have them before, I’ll never know. But they’ll be coming to my door here in a few days, where I’ll have an entire new catalogue worth of music to discover. In addition to the Anthology CDs, I also bought the book. I’m anxious to see how this one compares to the one I already have. I’m sure both are equally as good. It’s funny how it’s the same general information, but here and there are little snippets of stories or interviews, a rare picture or letter, that makes a book interesting. And really, no matter how many times I read about them, The Beatles are always interesting.

OK, OK, I’ll stop my little love letter to them now. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing how wonderful they are, but I just can’t get down off my cloud. As Hugh Grant says in Notting Hill, “It’s as if I’ve taken love heroin, and I can’t ever have any again.” That’s exactly what it feels like – some kind of withdrawal or longing – to get back that magic moment that lives only in your  memory. It’s been quite a day; a rare, whole day off to do just what I wanted. And boy, did I ever!

With that, as promised:


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