Hit the Road, Jack

26 Jul

Last night was supposed to be the day my mom and my grandmother returned from their week-long excursion in Louisiana. That didn’t happen, however, due to a broken air-conditioner in the car and sweltering heat. Would you want to drive across Mississippi and Alabama without running air? My dad suggested the 4/80 plan, which is where you roll down all four of your windows and drive 80 miles an hour. They tried this for most of the trip, but of course it was loud on a busy highway, but better than no moving air, I’m sure. They had suffered all week without it, but driving for 13 hours during the heat of the day was the final straw. Honestly I wouldn’t have wanted to do that, either.

They drove as far as they could stand yesterday, which was to Gadsden, Alabama. My dad left early this morning to go meet them; each of them started driving this morning unil they crossed paths, and then they switched cars. My mom and grandmother got into the big, cold truck while my dad drove their stifling hot car. They’re on their way back now, so everyone will be back under one roof tonight. It’s been very quiet at home, but that’s made it kind of nice. I’ve gotten used to it by now, so having them back now will be a little different, too. Hopefully there won’t be any more issues with the rest of their trip.

I’m going back to Abingdon today, but luckily not to the Highlands Festival. I still need some more time to recuperate from this weekend! I’m doing the final week of the Parks and Rec camp up there, doing the Sound and Air Pressure programs. I fully expect to be sweating from head to toe by the end of the day, and also covered in potato and apple parts from the air pressure gun. It’s not a clean program to do, ever. I always come back covered in potato starch and sticky from all the juices. At least I can say my job is productive and not boring.


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