Ten Things Tuesday – July 20

20 Jul

My mom and my grandmother are leaving this morning to go to Louisiana for a week. This means I’m stuck at home with my dad and my brother, the only woman to supervise two lazy men. They’ve stocked the refrigerator and made us some meals to heat up in the microwave or the oven over the coming days. All the towels and underwear have been washed. We’re pretty much set; I mean, we could function anyway without them here, but they’ve definitely gone to pains to make sure we can.

I can’t remember the last time I was at home with just my dad and my brother – it’s definitely been a while. I think this will definitely be an interesting week – a busy one, at the very least.

Here are my predictions about what we’re actually going to do this week, as compared to our normal lives.

1. No clean dishes. My family is notorious for leaving dishes in the sink, where my grandmother usually clears them out and into the dishwasher, which she then runs probably once a day. Over the next few days, I predict that the dishwasher will not be run once, unless of course I do it.

2. Eating out – a lot. Ever since we’ve been trying to eat healthy, we haven’t been going out to eat that much. It’s really difficult to stay within your daily calorie allotment when you eat out – just look up the nutrition listings from some of your favorite restaurants, and you’ll see what I mean. We still never eat fast food, and occasionally eat in restaurants. But this week, I think we’ll do that more than normal. Especially Mexican food – my dad will want to go the Mexican place in town at least once this week.

3. Dying plants. We’re in a drought around here, and honestly the only person who cares about gardening and planting is my grandmother. She’ll be gone for a week, leaving her plants at the mercy of the non-existant rain. I can’t see my dad or my brother watering anything outside. (This isn’t to say that I don’t care about nature – I do. I just don’t really care much for identifying plants and knowing how to keep all of them alive.)

4. Grocery shopping. Unless we run out of something major – like milk or peanut butter (both of which are definite possibilities) – the frequent flier miles my grandmother has racked up at Food Lion are going to waste.

5. Going to the gym. I’m honestly going to try my hardest to make it out there – I’m in a big rut right now, and need to get back on track. I want to make an honest effort to get my butt up and work out. But it’s just so much easier when your workout buddy – in this case, my mom – is in town. When you’re flying solo, it’s definitely a challenge.

6. Laundry. We have enough clean clothes and towels and whatnot to last for a while. Laundry is certainly overdone around here, in my opinion. More often than not, I wake up to either a washer or dryer running first thing in the morning. I’m sure they will be glad to have a vacation for a week.

7. Family dinner. We’ll get all we need to eat this week, for sure. But more than likely it won’t be around the dinner table. If we all three happen to be here at the same time for dinner, chances are my brother will have eaten at work, and my dad will likely want to eat dinner around his computer and TV. The only time I can see us actually sitting down to eat together is if we go out to eat somewhere.

8. Vegetables. My dad is your standard meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. Plain, good food. Not fancy, not green. There probably won’t be too many vegetables consumed in the coming week.

9. Making our beds. Because no one can tell us otherwise.

10. Taking the garbage out. Hey, you never know, they just might surprise me!


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