You’ve Got a Friend in Me

12 Jul

Had another busy weekend, which is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I’m too busy to really get bored. On the other, I don’t feel like I can fully relax. I’m not complaining – it really was a nice mix between having to work and doing some fun things.

I spent Friday and Saturday afternoons at the movie theater again, this time for the premier of Despicable Me. Once again I was talking about the eye, optical illusions, and how 3D movies are made. I think it’s interesting, but it’s not exactly what’s on the minds of kids waiting impatiently to get in the movie theater first to get the best seat – all without spilling your overflowing bag of popcorn. I wasn’t very busy – not too many people were interested in the weird eye display and the random girl set up on one side of the theater lobby. But I had fun making the program, anyway, and it was just for a few hours. Not like I wasted my entire day or anything.

Friday night I went over to Amanda’s to have dinner and hang out before she went out of town for the weekend. I’ve decided to take more intiative in planning social things. I pretty much do nothing but work or go to the gym, and while those things are satisfying, there’s definitely the social aspect of my life missing. That’s probably been the hardest transition back into Tennessee life – I’m not surrounded by friends all the time, and most of the people I know here have lives and jobs or school and husbands. I went away for four years, but their life went on. Now that I’m back, it’s different. So I’m making a concerted effort to make my own social plans, rather than assuming that everyone is busy.

Back on track after that little tangent. Amanda and I ordered pizza from Mellow Mushroom, and it was delicious! She likes this supper veggie kind or something – whatever it is has lots of vegetables and goat cheese and even tofu on it. It was some of the best pizza ever – and their dough is so good! I ate way more than I should have…

I had leftover pizza for breakfast on Saturday morning, which ended up not being a good idea, because we went to the gym about 45 minutes later. By the time I got finished with my completely sub-par workout, I could feel that pizza weighing my stomach down! Definitely not a good choice. Like I said before, the rest of Saturday was spent at the movie theater.

Sunday it was back to the movies again, but this time to actually see one! My mom and I went to see Toy Story 3 – finally! I thought I was going to have to drag her there, but I didn’t. She was actually the one who suggested we go see it, and I’m so glad we did. It was wonderful, as only Pixar can deliver. You just can’t go wrong with those guys. It was both hilarious and sad – I definitely shed a few tears there at the end! By far the most hilarious thing was Mr. Potato Head using a tortilla for a body. I don’t know why, but that was the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen! I could NOT stop laughing, and I’m chuckling now just thinking about it.

When we got back from the movies, I was delighted to see that our friend Paul the Octopus was right about both the consolation and the final games of the World Cup! That gives him a perfect 8 for 8 record this year. Pretty impressive for an animal without bones! I’ve really enjoyed reading about him and seeing him on news stations, which are usually so depressing and harsh. It gives a serious, popular event a lighthearted touch that I think we desperately need in the world. I know there’s tragedy everywhere, and those things usually end up making the headlines, but I’m glad to see for once that we’re focusing on something whimsical. God knows we need more of that in our lives.

All in all, not too bad of a weekend, I think. I have a pretty laid-back schedule this week at work – outreaches only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. And I’m only working a half day on Friday because it’s John Mayer weekend! Amanda, Rachel and I are going to Charlotte for the night to see him. This will be the fifth time I’ve seen him, and the second time this year. I’m so excited! I still have to look up hotels and decide if I’m the one driving and those little details, but they’ll fall into place. I’m definitely glad to have a little road trip to look forward to this weekend. I need a mini-vacation!


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