Copious Amounts of Cool

8 Jul

We’re dealing with a somewhat ironic title today, seeing as it’s the height of summer and an unbearable heat wave. I know, I know, summer’s supposed to be hot – that’s old news. But I’ve had just about all I can take. It is miserably, unbearably hot. Running around all the time like I’ve been doing is really not fun when you’re in and out of the heat, lugging around tons of stuff. Just about the time you get anywhere, your hot car has just cooled off, only to sit out in the sun and heat up again.

Even sitting out in the shade isn’t all that helpful, although it obviously does help somewhat. It’s just one of those heat waves that seems to go on forever, with no rain, and no end in sight. All you want to do is lay inside with the air conditioning cranked up and a ceiling fan pointed straight down on you.

It hasn’t rained in weeks, and all the grass is brown and dead. I can’t remember the last time my dad mowed the grass, because it hasn’t grown since the last time. I feel like I’m living in the Serengeti.

The one good thing is that we don’t have much humidity here – the mountains take care of that. And we don’t have many mosquitos – nothing like the get in Louisiana. I spent too many of my summers as a kid covered in that pink cream you use on bug bites – that nasty, foul-smelling stuff that really doesn’t do much to help the itching caused by the state bird of Louisiana.

I just want to jump into a pool and float around for hours with a cold drink. I’m sure I’d come out with the worst sunburn ever, but at this point I think I could just live in the water. At least I’m not living in New York or somewhere that’s surrounded by concrete and steel, with the heat radiating from the urban jungle on all sides. And I guess I could be along the equator right now, where it’s even hotter and probably quite humid. So some things to be thankful for, but that doesn’t stop me from being hot! I can’t take much more.


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