Ten Things Tuesday – July 6

6 Jul

Ten things (plus one) I love about summer:

1. Sundresses. I love nothing better than to wake up in the morning and throw on a cute little dress – it’s the whole outfit all in one! It’s cool and breezy and comfortable. You pretty much can’t go wrong.

2. Homemade ice cream. I can’t remember the last time we made any, but I’ve really had a craving for some lately. We’ve had some terrific fruit here lately, and I’m so tempted to make some frozen yogurt or something. It’s just so refreshing on a hot day. Ice cream is never uncalled for.

3. Honeymoon beer from Blue Moon. Of all the seasonal beers offered by this brewer, their summer ale is by far my favorite. Just a hint of sweet honey makes it so delicious. Besides all the cool summer cocktails, this is my favorite drink to unwind after a hot day.

4. 4th of July fireworks. I’m admittedly not the biggest patriot in the land, but what’s not to enjoy about the 4th of July? There is barbeque and hamburgers, fruity desserts, lakes, drinks, and lots of fire. If that’s not your idea of a good time, there’s something wrong with you.

5. Going out on the lake. Even though I’m in a constant battle with the sun and my paper-thin skin that doesn’t tan, I still enjoy getting out on the water and getting away from it all. It’s usually pretty busy, but can also be quite peaceful.

6. Napping in the hammock. Made even better with a tall glass of sweet tea or lemonade.

7. Summer movies. I love to beat the heat with a great movie, because there’s always so much to choose from. Summer romances, action-packed blockbusters, even kids movies. There’s never a lack of entertainment to be found around the movie theater on a hot summer night. The only thing that makes them better is a drive-in.

8. Popsicles. Enough said.

9. The farmer’s market. Fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade breads, pies, and cookies, local cheese – what’s not to love? It’s some of the best food you can get. And it supports your local farmers and is much, much healthier for you than the pasticide-laden stuff they ship across the country to your grocery store.

10. Going to the beach. We don’t go every year, so it’s always a treat. And even though I have to slather on sunscreen like it’s going out of style, you can’t get much better than the beach. The saltwater and the sand leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. The sea air clears your nose and your head. And the incredible seafood is to die for. And there’s so much to do – whether you want to golf, shop, eat, sail, surf, collect shells, or just veg out, the beach is the ultimate summer destination.

Plus one:
Grilling out. You must understand, this is different from barbeque. While both are equally delicious, there is a very clear distinction. Anyone can throw some meat or vegetables on a grill and be grilling out (or cooking out). But this simple act does not berbeque make. You must be actually using barbeque sauce, and making that traditional pulled-pork or beef or even ribs. But it’s the sauce that makes the difference. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s just get down to the good stuff, shall we?




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