Thank my Lucky Stars

4 Jul

Even though it hasn’t really felt like a holiday weekend, it’s been really fun. It’s nice to have some family time without having to worry about work over the weekend.

Yesterday my mom and I both got massages at the spa in our big swanky hotel here in town. I’ve never had a massage before, and man, was it worth every penny! So relaxing and soothing – and my skin felt so smooth afterwards! It was a little awkward, because you’re in a room lying on a table wearing nothing but a towel, and someone comes in, puts lotion or oil on their hands, and rubs you down for an hour. When you think of it like that, it’s not so relaxing. But in fact it was quite blissful. I’m sure anyone who’s had a massage before can tell you just how great it is.

After our massages, we went to the farmer’s market to check out what was going on. The best time to go, as any frequent marketer can tell you, is early in the day, before it gets hot, and when the best produce is still available. I’d never been to our farmer’s market before – or at least it’s been so long I can’t remember. Anyway, we went down just to check it out. The line for the Mennonite doughnuts was about a mile long, as usual. They really are delicious – homemade, fresh doughnuts. Nothing quite like it. We weren’t in the market for that today, and by the time we got there would have waited about an hour in line. We just moseyed on past and looked at all the other stalls. The great thing about the farmer’s market is that people are willing to let you sample whatever it is they’re selling, hoping to entice you to buy. This certainly worked in my case. There was a guy set up selling goat cheese, maybe eight different kinds, and he had samples of all his flavors. I tried one called Scapegoat – not exactly sure what flavor it was, but it was tangy and delicious. Then I tried Dillicious, made with dill of course, one of my favorite flavors. And while it lived up to its name, I was sold with Bee’s Knees, a combination of bee pollen and lavender. I’d never had such a flavor combination before, but it was heavenly. I got a little tub of it and will be happy to snack on it for several days. And bee pollen is supposed to be good for you, too, so that’s an added bonus.

It was nice to have such a carefree, relaxing morning. A massage and casual, open-air shopping? I could go for that any day of the week. We had our fireworks show last night, which was a little annoying. I don’t know why they do this, but the past several years they’ve had the fireworks show the day before or the day after the 4th, depending on what day of the week it is. Since the 4th is a Sunday this year, they did the fireworks last night. Why, I’m not really sure, because I suspect most people are taking tomorrow off work instead, so it wouldn’t have made any difference to do them tonight. Anyway, the decision wasn’t up to me, so it didn’t really feel like the 4th of July. You can’t have the 4th on the 3rd! But we grilled out anyway, with delicious burgers and zucchini my mom got yesterday morning. That’s one of my favorite things about summer – grilling out. There’s just something about food cooked outside that makes it taste better. Anyway, our dinner was delicious and I definitely ate way too much! We watched the fireworks show, which was good as always. Considering where I live, we have a pretty decent show.

Today at church we had a big patriotic program with lots of music. We didn’t actually have a message from the minister today – kind of like they do around Christmas or Easter when there’s just a music program. It was a nice change of pace, and the music was really good. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about all that patriotic music that gets me emotional. It’s funny because, while in no way do I hate this country (mostly just the all-powerful, ineffective government), I’d much rather live somewhere exotic – preferably European. But dang that patriotic music to make me proud! I think I really do take my birthplace for granted, but something about the culture just doesn’t quite fit in with who I am – I prefer something much more bohemian and exotic. I don’t know. In sum, church was nice this morning.

This afternoon my mom, grandmother and I all went shopping to hit up the big mid-summer sales. Belk was having an amazing weekend clearance, so we took advantage of that. My grandmother has been itching to take us shopping for a while, and we finally decided to break our vow of not spending any money to go. I’m glad we did, because I got some really, really cute stuff. I’ll have to post a picture of it. I got three dresses, one of them cocktail attire, which is just so cute! I had been looking for something red, because as much as I love that color, I just don’t have that much of it in my closet. No such luck in that department, but there’s always another day!

All in all, a pretty awesome weekend. Massage, delicious local goat cheese, hamburgers and fireworks, patriotic music, all topped off by a shopper’s high. Can’t get much better than that!


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