Ten Things Tuesday – June 29

29 Jun

Weekend update:

1. My parents had a yard sale on Saturday. I say my parents, because it wasn’t really my project. While I’ve been working so far this summer, they’ve spent their time off cleaning the house, throwing away old stuff, and getting ready for the sale. My grandmother got rid of a lot of stuff she brought with her when she moved – not enough to not need that storage unit, but quite a bit of stuff that’s just lying around collecting dust. It’s amazing how much that stuff can accumulate.

2. Speaking of accumulation, I spent my Saturday cleaning up my room. I’d had some piles of papers and old magazines sitting around that I needed to sort through, and they were getting on my nerves. So instead of helping out at the yard sale, like I really probably should, I organized my room and my horribly messy bathroom counter. I also backed up my computer and deleted old files.

3. I had time to do this because I didn’t have any programs scheduled, for the first time in quite a while! I did do a couple hours of prep work for my art program yesterday, but I didn’t actually have to go in to work, and didn’t have to go anywhere else. It was kind of nice.

4. I didn’t go to the gym once this weekend. And I didn’t exactly stick to my calorie counting, either. Luckily this didn’t show up on the scales, but I’ve got to get back on track! I don’t feel bad, just a little bit guilty is all.

5. Kelly was in town this past weekend for a wedding. We didn’t get a chance to meet up – I know she was really busy! It would have been nice to see her.

6. I feel like I haven’t seen my brother in days. He’s here, living in this house, but he just keeps to himself. When he’s not at work or at his friend Kal’s house, he’s up in his room playing video games with the door shut. I mean, I know I have no life, but at least I spend time downstairs with the rest of the family.

7. The new Harry Potter trailer is out! I’m so freaking excited about it – I just might scream. I don’t know how I’ll wait til the winter to see it, and then til next July for the actual ending. Patience, patience…

8. In my cleaning mood this weekend, I updated my Netflix queue. I’ve been so slack about this lately – I’ve had The Hurt Locker since the middle of March, and I really need to get around to watching it. I mean, I sit around and watch enough TV or other movies anyway, I certainly have time to watch it. I really need to get it back so I can get something else!

9. When I go to sleep at night, I usually watch one of my TV shows on DVD. In the past few months, I’ve gone through Arrested Development, Dead Like Me, Glee, and The Office, not to mention several episodes of Dirty Jobs. Now I’m going through Friends again. You forget so much stuff from those early seasons! My mom and I watched several of them together this weekend.

10. I want to go to the movies soon! There are so many summer movies I want to see coming out – I need some friends or dates to go with!


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