525,600 Minutes

6 Jun

Can you believe it’s been one whole year since Governor’s School? Where has all that time gone? It’s amazing all the things that happen, or don’t happen, over the course of one year. It’s so funny to think that, this time last year, all the kids were moving in and getting ready for their classes. I made some really great friends there, ones that hopefully I will keep in touch with for many years. It was such a life-changing experience the first time, when I went as a student, that I just had to go back. And last year was even better than the first time. It was easily the best summer ever.

I had some extra work to catch up on at the museum today, so I went in for a few hours to get everything ready for my early outreach tomorrow. Lucky that I did, because there was a bit of a crisis going on and they really needed the extra pair of hands. I was there about 10 minutes when I heard some talk about a pigeon outside my door, flying around the stage. It was really true – there was a pigeon back there flying and walking around. Betty and a couple of guests were back there with a pole trying to catch it, but of course it got out of the way. That’s the thing about birds – they can fly. So somehow, the bird finally got out of the museum. That’s at least the fourth bird in as many weeks to get into the museum, and we can’t figure out where they’re coming from! Apparently this pigeon spent the night in the museum, because the weekend manager spent the morning cleaning up bird poop from the floor. Yuck.

But in the meantime, there was another crisis up front. The water dam was flooding everywhere! We’re not sure how, but somehow the water got backed up, and instead of draining out and recirculating it just flooded all over the floor. It took a while to clean everything up, which meant vacuuming up the water from the carpet and emptying it into the sinks, squeegeeing the tile at the front door, and airing everything out with fans. And do you think the shopvac, the trash cans, and big orange hazard cones were enough to keep people out of the area? Nope. Of course not. Despite the fact that the exhibit was blatantly closed and broken, people still wanted to walk all over that area. I don’t know if they weren’t paying attention or just didn’t care, but it got pretty irritating.

I did feel bad for our weekend manager having to deal with all this. I know it was stressful for her. Luckily our staff is all really helpful and will always pitch in to help with a problem. I definitely wasn’t expecting to come in today and clean up a big wet mess, but I wasn’t put out by that at all. I’m glad I work in a place where we can all work together to solve a problem quickly and effectively. And besides all that, it was such a rainy day that I really didn’t mind being at work instead of outside.

Today starts off a busy week, again. I have six outreaches this week – one every day until next Sunday. It’s a good thing I have so many museum shirts, because I’m going to be living in them!


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